The Marakai

-The Marakai-

(Read ‘In the Beginning…’before reading this page.)

Marakai (Maar-ah-kI) – The dimension in which all evil, tormented and lost souls are kept before the ascension to any heaven, or the declension to any hell, in all religions of the Earth. The Marakai is the place for the dead and the punished, between the final rest of eternal placement (ie: the place between Heaven & Hell, in some religions). It is said in some world religions that ‘magic’ is ‘of the Devil’, and in a sense, the believers were right. The Marakai is also, where the world’s magic derives.

From the Mouth of the Marakai (the gate) all past damned souls were given a second chance to walk with the world of the living. Many of them are now demons, some are human again, but were once lost spirits who could only roam the Earth in their ghostly form. Others are beings of the Marakian Dimension; beings never before summoned even in the imaginations of storytellers, or the minds of mythmakers. Even many Fallen Angels walked through the gate and into the material world. To hear a weary traveler swear that he spoke to Lucifer, now is not difficult to believe. To see with your own eyes the fallen Semyaza, is as possible as possible can be. Though Fallen Angels have been traveling both dimensions since the beginning of time.

While Earth still stands, it is forever changed, but most extraordinary is that now, there is more to the Earth than what it once was. The Marakian Dimension and the Earth are as one, like sister worlds that any person, at any time, can walk to and from with little danger. Some—on both sides—have taken it upon themselves to protect the way in and out, but those who want through it kill many who attempt to keep the gate. The gate into the Marakai is located deep within the forests of Wales, England.

Inside the Marakian dimension, it is not much different from the landscape of the Earth…but much more deadly. There are four named lands: Airis-Ivis, Mithoul, Brada and the capitol land of Deshu where the Marakian Empire reside. The Marakai is a vast, endless place of darkness. Never does the sun bring the light of day to the dimension—it is forever night. The winters are colder, the summers devastatingly sweltering, even though there is no sun to warm it. The mountains are unforgiving, where beneath them hides places that could be described as worlds of their own. The seas constantly churn and the desert sands tend to swallow men who attempt to cross them. The Marakian dimension and Earth, do however, share the same moon and stars, but here, they appear closer, as if they are to swallow the dimension at any time, or crash into the land and obliterate everything in it. But the beings of the Marakai, they are what makes it a place that few wish to tread. It is, after all, a place of evil and condemned darkness.

It is believed that the Marakai is not only a place, but also a being. None has yet claimed knowing the truth, but many believe that the Marakian Empress’ know, though they never speak of it.

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In the Earth dimension, there is only one gateway/portal that leads to the Marakian Dimension. This single portal is located in the forests of Wales, and only in the forests of Wales. However, that gateway always moves. It is hardly ever in the same place for longer than a day. When one steps through that portal, they never know through which one of the hundreds upon hundreds of portals they will step through to enter the Marakian Dimension. Now, in the Marakai, as mentioned, there are a lot of gateways, but the difference is that those never move. They are always in the same place, and most are not difficult to find, especially if your character has been through one before. Not to mention, they aren’t necessarily hard to miss.

Anytime one walks through a portal from within the Marakai, they always come out the other side somewhere in the forests of Wales. But when one goes through the single, ever-moving gateway in Wales, they never know where in the Marakai they will end up. But there’s one exception to this. Since the portal in Wales stays in one place on average for a full day, if you can time it before it moves again, you can go back to the Marakai and reenter the same portal that you exited. But if you miss it, you’ll just have to hope the next portal will lead you somewhere not too far from your destination.

In short, the trip to Earth is always assured. It is Wales, England every single time. But the trip to the Marakai, you can hope to end up in the Land of Deshu, but find yourself far away from it in the Land of Mithoul.

As far as the portals being ‘guarded’. Yes, as it is stated above, people/beings from both dimensions try to protect the ways to and from. Some of the gateways/portals in the Marakai are guarded, but the one in Wales, since it moves around so much, is difficult to guard because hardly does anyone ever know where to go to guard it. Players may improvise on guarded portals. That is all up to you.

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