The Empires

-The Empires-

The Marakian Empire is located in the Land of Deshu, within the Marakian Dimension. This Empire rose to power when the Marakai was opened, and it continues to grow by the day. As of now, Earth’s most powerful empires struggle to match the strength of the Marakian Empire, for they have never been faced with armies of such ‘supernatural’ beings. But the empires of the world are not helpless against the Marakai, and the Marakai knows this. Earth’s empires are using the Marakai’s tactics against them by employing, swaying and uniting with the sort of beings and peoples that help make the Marakian Empire so powerful. The Marakian Empire is enormous, with more soldiers than can be counted; all of different races, cultures and backgrounds.

This empire is led by Emperor Radu Haji. It is believed that the Emperor are only the façade of who or what truly rules the Marakian Dimension, but nevertheless, the Emperor is powerful, given that he is not human and have countless people that protect him, and some that even worship him. This empire’s objective is to conquer all opposing lands of Earth—those that wish to close the Marakian Dimension and make the world as it once was. It is not their goal to conquer and rule everything, like some believe. They simply must keep the Marakai open…for reasons that not all of us know. What makes them evil and dark is that they come from an evil and dark place, and because they have the thirst for power and bloodshed.

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The Roman Empire in Earth’s history fell in 433AD, but now, 285 years later this once dominant empire has risen once again. It is even more powerful than it was before and is one of the few world powers that the Marakian Empire knows cannot be so easily defeated. The Roman Empire is now led by Gaius Xerxes Caesar, in the heart of Rome. They are gathering forces to march on Scotland and Ireland so that they may take back those countries from the Authurian of the Vampiric Nation.

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Like the Roman Empire, the Egyptian Kingdom is one of the most powerful, currently led by Pharaoh Seigfried Lomand.

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Other Empires & Kingdoms

Currently, no more kingdom claims are allowed. But you may always join a character within any one of the existing kingdoms. When TFW is to start expanding again, and we accept new characters to rule an unclaimed kingdom of their choosing, all members will be notified in the forum, as well as this page.

Right now, we need characters to join existing kingdoms/empires so the existing ones may grow and prosper with enough characters to create constant interaction.