TFW History

-History of The Fallen World-

All of our Earth's real history from the year 778 and back does exist in The Fallen World role play. See 'In the Beginning...' to read the story of how The Fallen World came to be in 778, how and why most (not necessarily all) of the history has changed, and will continue to change.

To better understand what sort of our real history exists in The Fallen World so that you can play on any of it accordingly, we have provided you with a historical timeline. The history on this page is past 'significant' history to give you a better idea of how to play storylines without contradicting the present Fallen World.

The following timeline begins in 778 and includes significant events that have taken place in the world (in our role-play) since the opening of the Marakian Dimension.

TFW Historical Timeline

-778 - 784-

c. 778 - Artus was tempted by the Angel Mastema in which caused the Awakening of the Marakai. The IV Beasts emerged from the sea and swallowed thousands of people into their bottomless bellies. The Gateway was opened in Cambria (Wales, England).
781 - England's King Alsandair MacDonnell goes missing during the battle and is MIA. Gaius Caesar of the Roman Empire names Lukas LeNight regent of England in Alsandair's absense.
782 - The Empresses of the Marakai, Nicia Madhelari and Perseis Castalia, begin refusing to see their messengers and Regents. Rumors begin to spread that the Empresses have gone missing or have gone out amongst the denizens in search for this portal that could lead them to more power. Airivian General Mordaunt Akaros has been called to the Fortress of Deshu to keep order while they are MIA to their denizens. 
784 - Marakai - The Empresses are found, tried, and executed for Grand Treason for the abandonment of their post and people. Radu Haji has crowned as Emperor on the night of their execution. - Rome - Gaius Caesar calls for the unification of all people that oppose the demons of the Marakai, reaching out to those who were traditionally 'outsiders' - Vampires, Lycans, ect. - Egypt - The Authurian 'authority' is run out of the Egyptian capitol of Egypt, Cairo, by the messenger of Anubis and newly crowned Pharoah, Siegfied Lomand.