Setting, Etc.

-Setting, Etc.-

The main setting of The Fallen World (where the power of the Marakian Empire is located) takes places in the Marakian Dimension (while in chat. On the forum, is another story).

The Fallen World is set in an ancient time, year 778 onward, but since the awakening of the Marakai, the people and places of this world are ‘changing’. No longer is the world inhabited by only the race of man, but other beings now walk the Earth, some that were once thought to be myth, and others never before even conjured in a dream. (See ‘TFW Races’ for more information). This page details what does and does not exist in The Fallen World, as far as ‘setting’. All members should familiarize themselves with every aspect of this page so that they can role-play their storylines accurately. Most of everything that you will read is simple to remember, as long as you are familiar with the Ancient, Medieval and Gothic eras, as well as the common ‘fantasy’ setting. Most of you likely already know everything you need to know without having to read the rest of the page, but this information is here for those who may not, and even for reference in case there are any questions.

-What Does NOT Exist-

1- Modern technology – anything electronic, guns (of any kind), vehicles (not even trains), light bulbs, etc.
2-Anything outlandish

-What DOES Exist-

Source of Travel
*Horse, Camel, or other animals used to transport people
*Chariot, wagon, carriage, etc.
*Flight (for beings that have the ability to fly with or without wings)

Homes & Structures
*Castle, fortress, stronghold, etc.
*Cottages, huts, etc.
*Any buildings and structures that were built before the year 778 in our real-life history

Miscellaneous Everyday Use
*Vellum, parchment, quill pens, etc. for writing
*Clothing (see ‘Character Portrayal’ for detailed information)
*Weapons: anything from 778 back, but also we will allow fantasy-type weapons that are not at all modern-looking
*Wealth: gold & silver coins, jewels, and various forms of trade. Paper money, quarters, nickels, dimes, etc. are unacceptable.