Secrets & Mysteries

-Secrets of Earth & the Marakai-

Earth, as well as the Marakian Dimension, holds many secrets, some that have been discovered over time and others that have yet to be unearthed. There are places that exist that only few know about, items of knowledge and great power scattered about, people and other beings that slumber, some that hide and some who lay in wait for the day an outsider crosses their paths. There are sites of ancient ruins, tunnels that lead to the ‘underground world’ of the Marakian Dimension and even races of people still believed only myth by most, who dwell deep in the shadows of the world, away from what the world has become.

People of The Fallen World, humans and other beings alike, should always be aware of their surroundings. Leave no stone unturned, no myth or legend uninvestigated and no road untraveled, for you may be passing something of great significance by.

Note: TFW will not give players ‘clues’. Clues will only take away the adventure and the enigmatic mystery of what lies in this world just waiting to be found. The only advice we have for you is to keep your eyes and your mind open.