TFW Pre-Made Characters

TFW also gives members the opportunity to take on a variety of pre-made characters that profiles were made because certain characters may be needed for storylines. Simply put, we cannot play all of the characters needed, or else we'd go out of our minds. The following characters have already been furnished with graphics, as well as background, personality and power information. You do not need to do anything other than read the profile—of course—and familiarize yourself with other races and characters that the particular character of your choosing is associated with, according to the information in the profile itself (this is extremely important!).

Some characters—those of great importance—are subject to member claim approval. For instance, we cannot allow someone that is hardly ever online, or who is not as devoted to TFW as we are, to play characters like Kings and Queens, or characters such as ‘Nexeu Demiurge’, ‘Loki Archimbald’ . We have color-coded all characters that are in need of great role-players with the ability to play the character fully the way it was created to be played. The thumbnails with a red border are such characters. It is true that we prefer members to play all of the following characters to the best of their ability, but we do not want to make you feel reluctant to try, either. We will work with you, and if you are fairly confident in your role-playing skills, then you should have no problem.

We encourage TFW members to take on a pre-made character! Many of these characters are badly needed to have a player behind them. And some of them are not necessarily ‘needed’, but were put on this page simply as an option in case a member (new or old) likes the idea of having one already made.


If you find a character above that you would like to claim, you may post your claim request on our Pre-Made Characters board.