Help for Beginners

-Help for Newbies-

If you are entirely new to role-play altogether, or just new to this kind of role-playing, TFW is here to help you. The role-playing experience can be addictive and more fun than you ever imagined something like words on a screen could ever be. TFW is ‘newbie-friendly’, meaning that we are not too easily frustrated and we never turn our noses up at beginners just because they may not have the experience yet. We encourage beginners, especially because those new to the experience are not already ‘tainted’ by the darker side of the role-playing world. Yes, folks, there is a dark side! There are people who have been corrupted by the heinous ‘speed-fighting’ generation and the ‘creative lack’ role-player posers. There are many out there that already have ‘their way’ of role-playing and are too used to their way. It makes it more difficult for them to understand that their way is not acceptable to us. So, newbies, beginners—whatever you prefer to be called—are honestly a breath of fresh air for us here at TFW.

If you love adventure, gaming, reading fantasy and historical fiction, writing fantasy, or even if you just like watching it on television and in movies, freeform role-playing is already in your blood—you just may not know it yet. When I started out in 1999, I was simply roaming through chat rooms on MSN and didn’t even know what role-playing on the Internet was. I stumbled into a room and was hooked that night. Granted, it took me about a month (maybe a little more) to get used to it, but here I am years later taking my obsession even steps further (the details are irrelevant). The point is, you may be missing out and that is unfortunate.

So, to help all of the beginners along, below is a list of very helpful tips to get you started. And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to post them on our 'Out of Character - OOC' board and someone will reply with the answers you need. Or, if you would rather private questions, etc. you can email the administrators at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

1)…Familiarize yourself with every page in this web site first. Get a feel of the place. Look in on the role-play that goes on in the forum to get a general idea of how some do it. Even if you would like to ‘spy’ in from time-to-time before ever even making yourself known, feel free! This web site is fixed so that you can see what goes on without having to become a member. However, the chat room role-play is different. You have to join with a name in order to spy in on the live role-play that takes place in any number of our chat rooms. So we will make this easy for you as well. You may join the chat under any name you wish as long as you place the letters ‘AA’ at the beginning of it so that we know you are simply an observer. (If the AA isn’t there, you might get kicked for not interacting in the room).
2…)Never be afraid to ask questions, even if you feel they are stupid questions.
3…)If you start role-playing (in chat or the forum) and you make a mistake, don’t be embarrassed. We still make mistakes every now and then!
4)…Try not to isolate your character (in chat or forum rp)! Let us be honest with you, the best way to get to know people (in character and out) is to jump right in somewhere! This is especially important while role-playing. Make your character known, start up a conversation, do something rather than ‘sitting in dark corner watching the action around her”. Many beginners give up because no one will ‘talk to their character’ or ‘make the first move’. Thing is, those who are already in storylines of their own, sometimes have a difficult time noticing new characters (especially if they aren’t doing or saying much). It isn’t anything personal, you just have to find your place within the storylines as well. We at TFW try to make beginners feel at home, but you have to help us by doing your part as well. Trust us; your character will be just as involved as any other, in no time as long as you do not give up after the first few tries.
5)…Very Important!!! If you are new, then you are likely unaware that a rude character is not something to get upset over and assume you are not wanted here at TFW!! Remember, characters are characters. You might try for the first time with your character to interact in a chat or forum role-play and suddenly another character is purposely ignoring you, or even being utterly nasty. Do not fret! Many characters simply have nasty attitudes. Simply play along with it as your characterwould, and never forget that the people behind the characters are not the characters themselves. They are just being true to the personalities of the characters in which they created. Everything creates a storyline. ~winks~

Everyone has to start somewhere. Just go with the flow and enjoy yourself.