-Magic & Sorcery-

Telepathy - Telepathy is an extra-sensory communication. It is the ability to communicate through the mind, to speak to another being without voice or even body language. Usually only beings that have telepathy can communicate with others who have it as well, but some beings can communicate with others even if they do not have it.
Telekinesis - Telekinesis is the ability to move objects—usually nothing larger than the possessors own body weight—with the mind.
Illusion & Grand Illusion - Illusion is the ability to create false realities on a small scale. Depending on the power of the one creating the illusion, it can last for several hours. However, if an illusion is cast upon a more powerful being, it may prove to be unsuccessful. Grand Illusion is far more powerful than a simple illusion. A being that possesses Grand Illusion can create false realities on enormous scales that can last for days.
Hypnosis & Mind Control - Hypnosis is a sleeplike, obedient condition induced by suggestion from another. A being with the ability to hypnotize can manipulate the actions of other beings. The more powerful the carrier, the easier hypnosis is to use for longer periods of time. Hypnosis is used without flaw by vampires, but it can be learned by most any race. Mind control is like hypnosis, but much more powerful. While hypnosis is a sleeplike state, mind control is active even when the victim is aware, but can do nothing to stop it.
Spell-Casting - There are hundreds of spells out there, but depending on the user and his/her ability to perform a spell, not all of them work. The most powerful spell-casters are witches and warlocks, but if sorcerers and sorceress’ were inclined to casting spells more often, they would be better at spells. Anyone can learn to cast spells (except Marakine demons), but all who do are in touch with certain elements of each spell and/or have the ability to discipline their mind by freeing it of all unnecessary obtrusions, at will. More powerful beings such as Imperials, Archons and Fallen Angels are not apt to waste their time with spells. It is beings that do not already possess some other form of power, that ususlly take advantage of them.
Mind Reading - Mind reading is found in very few, more commonly in vampires. Not all vampires inherit the ability to read minds. There are those that have perfected blocking others from reading their mind, but it takes years of practice. Those with the ability to read minds learn to block their thoughts from others who can, much easier. Blocking and reading thoughts often comes hand-in-hand.
Foresight - Foresight is the ability to see into the future, more often into the future of others instead of the future of those who possess the ability.
Touch of the Prophet - This ability cannot be gained by anyone that hasn't mastered or gained a minimum of 4 levels of Foresight. Eye of the Prophet is a developed power as the individual with Foresight must gain mastery of Foresight itself. Beginning with the first level of Eye of the Prophet, one now can see up to 1 month into the past of the targeted person. The second level would allow up to 3 months; third level would allow up to a year; fourth level would allow up to 5 years; the fifth level, the hardest to reach in a lifetime without gaining Superior status, would allow the Prophet to see a person's lifetime and if the person has a past life. The Oracle of Escharia is the only one to have a higher Eye of the Prophet that allows her to read the entirety of a person's existence, including all past lives.
Mimicking - Mimicking is the ability to take on the form of other beings, usually only through first a simple touch. Every detail of the one to be mimicked, right down to scars and wrinkles can be exactly duplicated, but only appearance can be mimicked. Voice, attitude, personality and abilities cannot be duplicated. Objects cannot be mimicked.
Camouflaging - Camouflaging is the ability to meld or hide one’s self into various objects, in most cases flawlessly. Camouflaging does not provide duplicate movement however, so hiding one’s form within moving objects or elements like water and fire is difficult.
Levitation - Levitation is the lesser of flight. It enables one to ‘float’ within mid-air for short periods of time. Some beings who can levitate themselves, can also levitate others. Keep in mind that levitation only applies to objects and beings with weight or body mass. Undead beings like spirits and phantoms may appear to be levitating, but they are weightless beings with a natural state to ‘float’.
Supernatural Speed & Strength - Supernatural speed and strength are the enhanced abilities to move with quickness usually unseen by the naked eye and to hit others or move objects with the strength of ten or more men.
Summoning - Summoning is the ability to conjure usually any item at will, from thin air. A being can only summon objects, not living things, and never anything that weighs more than the one summoning the object. Any object to be summoned must already be known of its exact location by the one who wishes to summon it and the item usually must have been previously touched by that person. No being can summon, for instance, an ancient scroll that has been in the possession of someone else, just because they want it.
Invisibility - To makes one's self invisible.
Shape-Shifting - Shape-shifting is the ability to take on the form of almost any object and in some cases, even water, fire and earth. Rarely is a shape-shifter capable of taking on the form of other living beings. Unlike mimicking, shape-shifting does not require a touch of the object to be duplicated and mimicking only allows the duplication of living beings, not objects.
Healing - It is considered a ‘gift’ rather than an ‘ability’, but either way people choose to describe it, the power of healing is something more wish they had. There are a few different healing types: The healing of clerics, which is unique to those of any priesthood, who possess the gifts of magical healing without incantations, spells or potions. Clerics are religious and obtain their healing power from within because they are born with it. The healing of a priest is usually always done by incantations, spells or potions. The common healer is a non-religious person who possesses the gifts of magical healing without incantations, spells or potions. They too are born with the gift.
Inheriting - Vampires can inherit power and special abilities through the consumption of blood, but only if the victim is killed during the feeding.
Inheriting Mind - (ability requires at least three generations of passing Inheriting through Inheriting before it can be acquired by next generation) has all abilities of inheriting with added ability to gain victim’s life's memories. As with Inheriting victim must be killed, but must be killed within 1 hour lest ability will not work.
Source-Stealing - Source stealing is performed through kiss and intimate touch and also by reaching into the victim's mind with bare hands. Beings with this ability are usually the more powerful beings.
Memory Manipulation - It is a powerful technique where the user can put a person into a hypnotic state and cast within that person’s mind, vivid and life-like visions of their past memories. One with this ability can manipulate memories into whatever they wish and can see everything that the person under the control can see. These visions are so realistic that it is as if everything were taking place right then. These memories become easier to believe and accept as real, within only minutes. The greatest danger when using Memory Manipulation is that if the user is not skillful and able to control it, both the user and the other can be trapped within these manipulated memories. To the outside world, they will appear comatose.
Conversion - It is the ability to manipulate thought and choice to bring an unwilling victim to the side of his enemy.
Elemental Manipulation - It is the ability to manipulate (not create) fire, water, air or earth. As long as the element is available, one with this power can manipulate it to various forms of defense, attack or even show.
Psychometry - Has ability to see thoughts of last person who last touched object (to max of one month), as well as the objects history. This ability is limited based on casters mental state (more duressed the lesser effect) as well as mental and power of one who last touched object. If person is equal strength then only thoughts that passed their thoughts can be read, while against stronger person the most that can be gained is who last touched object. 

The two main powers not allowed (for now) are the ability to open portals, and shift planes (with the exception of the Urandrum demons). Also, your character may gain such an ability if he or she can find the 'Book of Bayloc'.

The list above are 'common' powers and special abilities that may be given to your character. However, do not go overboard, and make sure you read the information on the type of character you choose to play, before giving him or her powers they are not technically supposed to have. Some beings in TFW cannot use powers of any kind, others simply may not be the type of race to carry a certain power or ability. Though since there are Marakine demons (the keepers of Earth's magic), it is possible that most characters can have any variety of powers (assuming your character has killed a Marakine and obtained that power). But unless your character was created quite powerful and has reason to have any number of powers, start off small with one or two and work your way from there through storylines.

Lastly, there are hidden links throughout the site that lead to other places, and even the hidden 'Island of Bayloc' in which your character may meet the great sorcerer 'Bayloc' and be granted a view inside his book. There, you will be able to add to your character's list of powers.

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