Imperials & Superiors

-The Imperials-

There are nine known Imperials that come from the Marakian dimension, and though they are known to the mortal world, that is not to say they are ever seen. Imperials are those thought to be above the Archon demons, but below a single ruler of the Marakai. How much of this is true, none knows, or at least, none claim to know.

The highest ranking Imperials are the ‘Five Imperials of the Flaming Shields’, as told in the story of how the Marakai came to be (See “In the Beginning…”). The Imperial of the ‘Shield of the Mountain’ is known as a dark-haired female with black eyes. The Imperial of the ‘Shield of the Serpent’ was seen as a man with a forked tongue. The Imperial of the ‘Shield of the Locust’ is known to be a young boy with locust wings. The Imperial of the ‘Shield of the Tree’ is a young woman with a long, root-like tail. And the Imperial of the ‘Shield of the Gate’ is known as the leader of the Shield Imperials, with unique daemon horns and who holds the world in the palm of his hand. The last beings to ever see these five Imperials was the mortal man named ‘Artus’, who was the reason the Marakai was opened, and also the evil Angel, ‘Mastema’. Unfortunately, neither Artus nor Mastema have ever been seen since the opening of the gate. Many believe—and claim to have proof—that Artus joined the Five Imperials of the Flaming Shields, whether as a pawn, or even possibly as an equal. As far as Mastema, there are no beliefs or rumors—none that have spread, at least.

Little is truly known of these beings, but only a fool would ever believe they were not all-powerful, and will play a significant role in the future.

The second highest ranking Imperials are ‘The Four Marakian Beasts’, also told in the story of how the Marakai came to be. These Beasts are not ‘demons’, but true Beasts of the Marakai. A Beast is a devourer of life, believed to contain the souls of those finally passed into Hell (and other religions: Purgatory, Hades, etc.) in their bellies. Some believe that Hell; or any likeness of it, is actually inside the bellies of these beasts, as if it were a completely new world there, but of course, dark, merciless and eternally tortuous. The Four Marakian Beasts emerged from the sea when the Marakai was opened, swallowed thousands of people and then disappappeared. They have not been seen since then.

-Other Superior Characters-

Some characters are also superior, but not quite as powerful as the Imperials listed above. Currently, there is the most powerful sorcerer known to the world and the Marakai. His name is 'Bayloc'. Since he is a superior character, like the Imperials, he can directly dictate other character's actions. He can kill easier than a normal character. The other superior character is 'The Oracle of Eshcaria'. She is a superior character whose player can use character profile knowledge unlike normal characters and players can (as well as information read within storylines).

Before assuming that any of these characters are available to play, or can even be directly associated with your character, please read the #11 rule on the 'OOC Rules' page.

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