-TFW Frequently Asked Questions-

Q: Can I join as many characters as I want to play, in TFW?

A:Yes. You can play as many characters that you want, but just be sure that you can keep up with all of them. Character and screen names left in hiatus for long periods may be subject to deletion, or storyline manipulation.

Q: I am having an OOC (out of character) problem with another member of TFW. What do I need to do to stop it?

A: Always email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us take care of the problem if you feel you cannot tend to it on your own in private, off of our forum and out of our chat rooms.

Q: I need to be away for a while due to RL (real life) reasons and I will not be able to role-play for the time being. Do I need to tell someone?

A: Yes! You are required to tell someone that you will be away.  If it is an expected absence, please be sure to tie up loose ends in all storylines that your character(s) are involved in, before leaving. No one in TFW will be blamed for what does or does not happen to your characters and storylines if you are not there to tend to them. Just keep in mind others around you. No one wants to be left hanging in a storyline.

**New, as of July 20, 2007, read here Role-Play Changes to Come & Reporting Absences.  Please read this, as it has important information regarding inactive characters and their fate.  TFW will not be held responsible for anyone's irresponsibility to read that particular post.**

Q: I've created a character and I've posted a role-play post in the TFW forum, but no one has replied. What do I do?

A: See this thread.

Q: If the role-play in TFW is not to remain in the year 780.  Why is 778 displayed everywhere?

A: The years will progress, yes. TFW will not be 'stuck' in 780.  TFW started in 778, and you may still see 778 in a few placed, and this is okay because 778 bears a great significance because it was the year in which the Marakian Dimension was opened. Regardless of years passing, 778 will always be displayed as TFW's 'signature' date in history. To keep up with the fictional date in your storylines, the current RP date is maintained directly under the main TFW banner.

Q: If some people that died in the past went to the Marakian Dimension, where do they go now? Surely characters cannot be allowed to 'keep coming back' after death, as Reborn Humans.

A: Correct. Characters cannot keep coming back. Where they go now is as much a mystery as it was before people realized it was the Marakian Dimension they were sent to after death. Once they die (or die again as a Reborn Human), they are gone forever.

Q: Can I start role-playing in TFW before I get my character profile up?

A: Yes and No. You must read this thread here and do what it says before you can begin posting in character.

Q: Can I create a new race of my own creation and play it in TFW?

A: Yes and no. If you wish to do this, your race must be approved by the TFW creators. Email your race idea to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Characters played avidly as a race other than those listed on the 'TFW Races' page must have information written about them and placed in the public view of all other TFW players! A separate page will not be created for your race unless other players also decide to create a character that is of your race. So, if you are the only one (or if there are just a few of you) playing a character of your race, the information on that race needs to be viewable in the thread 'New Races/Public Knowledge'. Failing to provide this information may result in the probation of that particular character, and he/she may not continue to be played until the information is posted for all to see. New races are subject to approval! Do not create a new race and begin role-playing with him/her on our forums (or in chat) until you have been given permission to do so. This rule does not apply to half-breeds or any other characters who are half, or a mixture of two or more of the races listed on the 'TFW Races' page. This rule also does not apply to DC characters. Also, keep in mind that we will not allow new races on a frequent basis. Only every now and then will we accept a new race. We do not want tons of characters running around that aren't even of any of the races listed on our 'TFW Races' page.