Axidus is an Archon Elder. He remembers the rise and fall of Meltuho-Nyne, and is a distant nephew of the great King Vikit-Aeon. Despite being one of the twelve Itziar, he considers them all conservative and old-fashioned. Axidus has always changed with the times, and has slowly developed a personal pride that makes him act and believe himself to be above the Marakian Empresses – indeed, he has not even yet seen these young, fresh empresses in person.

Axidus is one of the Itziar, but he also has connections among the rogue, among the young, among the low, and among the forgotten. Axidus presses his power in the faces of all whom he meets – and he has that in plenty. Using his source-stealing ability, Axidus has – over the years – gained powers beyond that of a normal Archon. In addition to Supernatural Strength, Flight, Mind Control, Conversion, Grand Illusion, Summoning, and Source-Stealing, Axidus has gained Supernatural Speed, Telekinesis, Mimicking and several spells.

Axidus enjoys controlling people, and has an infamously sadistic sense of humor and pleasure. He remains cold and confident no matter what he does, always sure of his power and cleverness. He employs hundreds of servants at his manor, and dozens of Toran to gather information for him. He has one of the deepest spy networks in the Marakian dimension, and he knows how to take full advantage of this.

Head of his spy agency, and his prize possession, the assassin and practiced spy Yoko Toran is his right-hand woman. She, of course, does not know her supreme importance to his intelligence, but he does. He treats her just like everyone else in his network, however – as another possession, completely his, in every way. Axidus enjoys his employees.