The Book of Bayloc

-The Book of Bayloc-

The powers and other special 'gifts' you will view in the Book of Bayloc, can only be given to your character by the sorcerer Bayloc himself, unless you are playing a Urandrum character. Urandrum demons are those that imprisoned Bayloc on the Island of Bayloc. They are also the only race that are surrounded by the Marakine demons (demons that carry the source of the world's magic, etc.), therefore Urandrum’s have logical reason to carry such powers. So, unless your character is a Urandrum or one that has met Bayloc and been given a look inside his book, you cannot give your character anything from this book unless approved by the TFW Administration, first.

-Seeking Bayloc-

Even though the 'Island of Bayloc' board has been made viewable to all members in the forum, it does NOT mean that any character can find Bayloc anytime he or she wishes, just because they role-play on that particular board. Bayloc will only reveal himself to those he finds worthy, those who he feels he may gain something in return from, or if he intends to kill. (He is a Superior character and can kill in the board, so be careful!)

View the Book of Bayloc here.