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Author Topic: Kattegatt: New Home, New Family, New Way - Viking's way  (Read 694 times)

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Kattegatt: New Home, New Family, New Way - Viking's way
« on: November 13, 2016, 01:26:03 PM »
It was freezing when they crossed borders that she had never traversed, the hybrid wasn't prepared to head north with such speed, nor had she truly wanted to, though she figured with both her brother and the man she pledged herself to, there would be no chance to win an argument. The hunter that she had left in charge of her twin's well-fare had better follow through or she would find her way back south to hunt him down and find a way to kill him, or at least that was the plan. The two had never been so far apart, and this was used to someone's advantage, though not hers, at least not at first. They landed on the snowy tundra just on the other side of a hill that separated Kattegatt from the rest of the tundra. Fen made sure to shift snow in his fur to make it look like he'd been running most of the way there and she had a hard time trying not to laugh at him. As they cleared the hill, Fen was given a signal by The Holy Mother to announce their presence, which made Sora jump as the how cut through the winter air.

"It is alright. Fen tells them we come." Freya told her. "Though I don't think they have heard his howl in about 20 years. Not since he brought Hilly here after her village was destroyed by the things that were after you." She made sure to try to keep her warm until they got her into Ragnar's home. Fen's announcement of their arrival got mixed reactions, weapons and curiosity. "Bring furs for this one. Ragnar has taken her as ... concubine?" Freya said in the Norse tongue. "She mustn't freeze, she carries his new heirs."

Sora looked up at Freya, who was a good deal taller than she, sweating bullets now as her body seemed to have problems acclimating to the north, but it was more than that and Freya looked to Fen with a worried look. She couldn't sense what was wrong and last thing she wanted to do is have Ragnar's second woman die right after leaving her. "I don't feel so good," came in Latin from Sora as the villagers called for Athelstan.

Freya easily picked her up and headed into the village proper, "Ragnar's home." She would state and be led to. She didn't stop until she put Sora into Ragnar's bed and had Fen guarding her until Athelstan came to them. After she might let Fen go to his own twin, but for now, just a little while longer apart.

Sitting on the side of the bed, looking over the pale sleeping girl, she smiled speaking to her in Latin, "Your blood is too thin for here. We shall pray that Odin thickens your blood quickly, or he will allow me to heal you since you are his son's new concubine."

"Concubine?" Sora's eyes opened, though they weren't focused.

"Oh yes, you call it wife. Rome's way. But rest, we will get you some food and warm so you will feel better." She rubbed her upper lip in thought. She would have to ask Marnit and Marna to find a few of her dresses to Sora and they could alter them to fit her shorter size. Freya was so in tuned with Sora, that she first didn't realize she couldn't feel Heimdahl and second didn't know the moment her feet hit the snow in Viking Territory that the All-Father would be alerted. A whispering hush came from her lips as she used her abilities to make Sora rest as she took in the area around them. Putting her hand next to Sora on Ragnar's bed, she motioned for him to stay while she met with the village and Ragnar's emissary.
Freya stepped out of the room and into the longhouse where fires were being brought to bare. It would take a few moments of collecting her thoughts for her to hear the whispers of the people, comparing her to Odin's wife, the Holy Mother of their people. She stood regally as she waited for Athelstan's presence, which she knew wouldn't be long, not thinking that there was anyone still left in the village who could tell Odin she was there, nor did she feel the psychic pulse that was sent from an older man who invoked a summoning rune as soon as it was confirmed the Holy Mother was there without, as some would say, adequate guardianship.

As the fever grew, something strange came from the Spaniard female's lips, something not even Fen could have expected, though it brought an almost knowing smile to Freya's lips as she heard the whispering prayers for the intervention and help of The One God's personnel. In the time of crisis, even if in secret because of the laws of the lands of the Earth, there was still belief in The One, something that Freya would too soon behold and suffer.

"Rachiel." A soft summoning she wasn't sure she had the power to invoke, but would soon see if it had worked. Even if she didn't remember. Something another, unbeknownst to all including the weaver of the fate of the peoples of the North, would come to wish to possess. Someone the darkness would seek to harness control of because of the truest of all losses. She started to feel her own memory failing, this time, however, she would not need to be found, now she was in a home that would know to get her to her husband, a people who had seen who she truly was.

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Re: Kattegatt: New Home, New Family, New Way - Viking's way
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2016, 01:32:23 PM »
Fen well knew his presence wouldn't be accepted for long without Hilly there to speak for him, but he would not go back on his promise to keep the mother of his newest offspring safe while the one he wanted as companion served his uncle in a way he couldn't. He'd not sensed or seen the sudden illness coming for the young woman and he wasn't planning to leave her side. Noting that his grandmother had used a soothing power to get her to fall to sleep he moved onto the bed, remaining in wolf form of course, and put his massive head on Sora's belly to both keep she and the babes warm and to warn anyone with ill intentions, there was a massive set of jaws awaiting them.

His curiosity however was with his grandmother, the woman they all thought was dead. He knew her as another woman, yet, she only changed slightly. She was still helpful, she was still caring, and very protective. But now she held herself regally, something he'd not seen her do before in their meetings.

A soft whine did he let off, missing Hilly, missing those here he watched over when he wasn't being forced into a long slumber by his father. His nose itched and twitched, the smell of an odd demonic blood came to him. He held back a growl, but it seemed that somehow a demon was trying to get its clutches into Ragnar's female. That was the only thing that made sense, because the rest of the house was without taint.

He didn't know Athlestan very well, but in many ways he was jealous of him. Athlestan, if anyone other than Ragnar could, was the only man that could threaten Fen's presence in Ragnhildr's life. He'd heard about this man, but now he would be able to put face with the name.

Rachiel and Zachriel These were names that Fen would have to discuss with Odin or perhaps his father, though he knew his father had to be upset with him. He had no clue that his father had been given a more than juicy distraction.

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Re: Kattegatt: New Home, New Family, New Way - Viking's way
« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2016, 01:35:08 PM »
Heimdahl's wives were far from naive when it came to things around Vikingdom. They knew what was important and while their husband was not forthcoming with his knowledge about the woman all called Heimdahl's witch, they knew there was a tie to their grandfather. It wasn't until Byrghir unraveled the old spell that their vision was unveiled. It was then they worked to keep their father distracted and unknowing, focused on the punishment their husband received for hiding such a tremendous thing from their grandfather, from the entirety of the north.

Their hands joined as one kept in contact with their grandfather and the other's eyes turned toward Kattegatt where the Lady of the Land's feet hit the earth. They were visibly jolted by the unveiling to the north, and while one or both might have been concerned, the people of Kattegatt were in awe that Freya enlisted the help of the Dire Wolf Lokison to bring Ragnar's concubine, until he spoke otherwise and called her wife, back to Kattegat personally.

"Stay," whispered over the air as it looked as if Freya might run as she searched for Heimdahl, Marna's voice much more soothing than her sister's who was most used to taking charge. "Thor will ensure Ragnar's survival and success, even in his dark place. Both have too much to live for, m'lady." While Loki should have heard his daughter, only Odin himself and her twin would hear her words.

The girls knew the woman, but at the same time didn't know her. Things were starting to make sense, so much more now that their eyes were uncovered. The protections they had helped put over Thor's lands at Thrud's request, a safe haven from Loki would block all that they could feel. Knitted skin upon the forehead as the name was heard and the condition of the mother of Ragnar's offspring could be determined. They weren't certain of the signs, there were things they had not kept up with, stories that had been told but forgotten mostly, stories told by both the witch and Heimdahl. For now they would need to stay hidden. As the clues were not jogging memories, Loki's three eldest played their rolls which would lead into the High Festival where much would be revealed and come to pass.

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Re: Kattegatt: New Home, New Family, New Way - Viking's way
« Reply #3 on: January 07, 2017, 10:31:17 PM »
-A boy had been sent to retrieve Athelstan who had been hunting with a few Norsemen. The former Christian Monk was dressed as any Northman. With leather breaches, leather shirt, fur coat, and a gold silver holding the coat on his shoulders. He kept his hand cut shorter than what most Norsemen do. If one had not known that Ragnar had brought him from Britain as a Christian slave they would never suspect. He carried a shield hung across his back, the simple battle axe on his waist, and a Norse Arm ring on his wrist. He had been elevated from slave to one of the most influential figures in Ragnar’s courts, even if most the Norsemen were still suspicious of the man who professed he was no longer Christian, but none dared touch him for Ragnar’s love of the man. To the public they would see a pagan convert, but Ragnar knew different, and even though Athelstan had tried the pagan ways his soul still remained Christian. Up on his arm, under his sleeve where no man could see was tied a small wooden cross.-

-Athelstan made his way quickly to Ragnar’s Hall. The Vikings that were with him slung the doors open as the man walked in quickly, brushing the snow from his shoulders. He saw the giant wolf, and was in awe. It was the first time he had ever seen the dire wolf, and the High Lady. These were false gods made flesh, and even Athelstan had to wonder if he worshiped the living God or not. The Vikings kneeled to the Lady of Valhalla while keeping a keen eye on the dire wolf. Athelstan watched them in contemplation wondering why they were here.-

-Athelstan gave a bow of his head.- Lady of Valhalla… What honor can we receive that could equal your presence in Ragnar’s Halls. Kattegate is at your service. –he kept a side glance towards the wolf, his eyes in equal wonder, and even slight fear though it was masked as contemplation.-

-Ragnar told him of the sagas, of his parentage to Odin. Athelstan never truly believed it even though he played with the thought. After all how could idols of wood sire a living child? In his time here he had met many myths that manifested in flesh. Valkyr, Ettens, and even the All Father himself once. Still with these legends made flesh he could not fully believe that they were who they said they were. After all the Bible says that even the Devil could appear as an angle of light.-

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Re: Kattegatt: New Home, New Family, New Way - Viking's way
« Reply #4 on: January 21, 2017, 11:38:17 PM »
As the doors slung open, Fen acted as any guard dogs would. His head popped up and his teeth bared with a warning growl. The growl came to a halt however as The Lady of Valhalla kept up the facade, using poise and grace, to slip her hand over the air to signal that all was well to Fen, even though she knew it was but an act. "Shh Fen. These men would protect Hilly if she were here." Her voice remained soft and she spoke in the Norse tongue as not to let them in on a secret that she did not know Athelstan could reveal if they weren't careful. Looking over those that knelt near Athelstan, she noted one that was familiar. Motioning toward the one closest man on the closet Christian's right, "Fen, he was there the day you brought Hilly to Ragnar's hut and found The Lord of Valhalla here. The lady you promised to bring home for Jarl Lothbrok will be safe."

Her eyes watched the men, and she motioned them to rise, especially those who had not. "I wish not formalities. I only wish to complete the request of the youngest Odinsson."  She motioned back toward Fen and Fen lifted his head in a manner to reveal what he'd been hiding: a female sleeping in Ragnar's bed, "also at the behest of Ragnhildr...."  As sly as Loki was, he learned his ability from somewhere. Athelstan was given a short vision, a vision of this same woman and Ragnar holding twin boys. "Her name is Sora, and according to Hilly's vision and Ragnar's own words, she is the next mother of his children. She is Roman and Rome's way that makes her wife, though he did not indicate such in my presence, in the Viking way."

There was the slightest of grins that formed on Auriel's lips however as Fen made his voice sound like a whine to slightly contradict his ...grandmother... oh that was going to take a bit of getting used to. "Though as Fen has reminded me, the Jarl's brother Thor called her Ragnar's wife." She looked back to Fen for a moment before looking to Athelstan and the other men. "Do not be offended with this question please, but it will determine what should be done next for Sora's safety and comfort while she awaits Ragnar's return from his battle with Thor and the Valkyrie against an old minion of Helheim, one who seeks she and her twin brother for ill deeds, just as he once did this incarnation of Fen and his sister Hel from Prince Loki's late wife, Sigyn."

Fen's head came up and even without being in mortal form, all who looked at it would know that he wasn't liking where this could be going. Auriel switched to Latin. "Do any of you understand me?" Though her eyes were on Athelstan wondering if this was one of the main reasons for Ragnar to pick another male to watch over her.

Fen's jaw moved up and down and it sounded as if he was quietly howling and trying to hold a conversation with someone, though he only allowed two to understand him at this point that were awake that is: his grandmother and the chosen one, Athelstan. "He understands the Christian tongue Holy Mother. He will need to teach her not to pray to The One in front of the others however when she wakes. The order in the Roman Empire banning the worshiping of The One has not been in effect that long. She was probably raised in their church and forced to change."

Auriel nodded once in acknowledgment as she looked to all to see who understood. Though her eyes came back to the one she was to leave Sora with. She watched Athelstan's face as she moved her hands gently, but dismissively to the others that had been hunting with the former Christian, all the while, speaking openly with Fen, in Norse once again. "Remember grandson, she and her twin spoke of or acted in accordance to Viking traditions that are foreign to the Iberian Peninsula. Your father's mortal lineage like to scatter to the south when the demons invade instead of heading into the snows where they are safest and can reach us." She felt a welling up inside, a need to move s place quickly as she finished that sentence, perhaps toward Himinborg, in the protection that she put forth around Heimdahl's home.

Her eyes suddenly shot downward and left as one of Heimdahl's twin wives , one of her granddaughter's entered her mind to tell her not to run if she felt the pressure of another coming. There was confusion as she suddenly realized she didn't feel Heimdahl's presence, which should have been easy enough for her to do.  She looked back to Fen with a puzzled look, took a breath to remain calm and keep collected as Freya was said to be then looked back to Athelstan. "She will need a new teacher of our ways and someone to help her with communication. Ragnhildr and a few of those on the quest have already started helping her twin brother. If you cannot assist in this way and ensure her protection until the Odinsson's return, I shall make arrangements for both Fen and Hel to reside here to do so, or to move her to another location until then."

The dire wolf's head tilted and one of his ears perked while the other flopped over. The whine came out but  the words, " .. but grandmother remember she..." which was stopped by the slightest movement of her hand. "I will ask that a small contingent of Valkyrie keep watch over Kattegatt until we know this specific demon has been eliminated. It is possible, he has had his minions working in their lives since they were of the age of adulthood."

"Hmmmmm.......But,  I know of another that will be much less threatening or disruptive to Kattegat's daily routine as well, though at least one of the eldest Valkyr will need to remain with her. It is said that the All-Father sent home a child of the lineage of Thor and Lineage of Loki with some very unique qualities for her to be trained, perhaps by the Valkyr or the Aesir. She was last being watched over by Baldur's eldest."

There was a short eerie pause before the dire wolf spoke in Norse so he was understood by Athelstan, and the women summoned to help her earlier with food and warm clothing, "She and her twin did speak of things of Viking ways, being taught them, especially she." A pause given to pose that this was difficult for him to do. "She, her twin, and Hilly eluded to the return of Lord Ull, the great hunter and archer."  Another pause as he lifted the massive wolf's head, looked to Sora, then shifted into a human form for them to see, "They are the first outsiders to see I can hide in plain sight... and neither ran in fear. She stood with Uncle Ragnar with shield maiden axes in hand, as if second nature, and her twin tried to protect Hilly from me even though he didn't have to."

His eyes moved to his grandmother, lingering there for a moment then looked back to Athelstan, "I will stay as long as I can, especially since I gave a pledge to my Uncle, your Jarl, to protect her for him. That is unless the All-Father denies my involvement, my father interferes, or my own twin needs me urgently. I swear to the Lord and Lady of Valhalla, I will cause no chaos and do no evil while I am on watch." His own eyes watched those that had never been shown this form was him. While he looked a little riddled with lunacy, he was contemplating what was on their minds about finding out he could take this form and had while he was in the village spying on Ragnhildr. "Please do not send me away? I promised uncle to guard her as I have watched over Hilly since I found her in the snow.... please?" His voice sounded like one of the little boys pleading with their mothers to change their minds about something. As he gave Athelstan, and the others if need be, time to make his decision he slipped back into dire wolf form and laid back in the spot he had been in protecting the Jarl's intended and his unborn children as they rested.

Auriel's face nearly melted at the childlike tenderness that Fen showed. Her eyes came back to Athelstan, but her senses were up. She had been warned not to run if someone showed. She wasn't certain who Heimdahl's wife was referring to, but she had a feeling she would soon find out.

[[Go for Athelstan and anyone else, Sora will pass this round.]]
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Re: Kattegatt: New Home, New Family, New Way - Viking's way
« Reply #5 on: January 02, 2018, 12:54:42 PM »
Narration Post

Auriel would not allow Ragnar's new bride and mother of his unborn children alone without help. She innately knew that
the Valkyrie would get Ragnar and his people back to Kattegatt as soon as possible. In the meantime, she needed to find out three things:

   1. What happened to Heimdahl and why she couldn't reach his mind as she had in the recent past,
   2. Where her past and her future combined - Odin and Runi,
   3. and why she had a nagging feeling to head east, much further east than she remembered being in a very long time.

Auriel was quite crafty as she had proven for millennium, keeping herself hidden from all that knew her after her memory started returning, after Heimdahl tried to prove to her she was Odin's wife. There was a darkness in her that she had tried to combat, caused by her last mission that caused her fall at the hands of Mastema, whom she could not remember the face or name of, but loathed nonetheless. Pulling on her ability to link with blood descendants, she summoned Cyryrl with Frigga in tow.

Athelstan and the people of Kattegatt witnessed the truth behind the Valkyrie as Cyryl did not bring Frigga without extra protection. The hidden Christian however found a newfound confidence in his belief system of The One. What the posers of the Northmen Gods and Goddesses had done for this single follower, was to show that the Gods and Goddesses of the North were nothing more or nothing less than the emissaries of The One (true God) he had been brought up to follow. Athelstan took the time between their arrival and Ragnar's return to learn and view as much evidence as possible dealing with the Valkyrie (Fallen) and the Gods and Goddesses as they would give him.

Fen spent all of the time with the villagers of Kattegatt in his dire wolf form. It was already a concern that with so many Fallen in one area might attract demonic forces, therefore unless absolutely necessary Fen was not permitted to take Fallen form. Fen also was a witness to the task that Auriel put upon the one Cyryl was charged to bring. He had tried to connect with his twin, Hel, but there was a block in the way, leading him to believe she was in a protected area he wasn't allowed to penetrate.

It was Auriel's thought that with Frigga's upbringing she would be the best to help Sora blend into Kattegatt's culture. While Frigga didn't have practical knowledge of a true Viking upbringing, she was trained on all the stories and traditions, and she was easily able to impart this knowledge in a manner that Sora was able to understand. Auriel had not left the village until what was ailing Sora had taken its course and she and the babies were out of danger, which seemed to only take a couple of days, but the readings from Sora were quite different as noted by Cyryl as he came to wake up Frigga to go on another hunt with Athelstan to help her with her training and honing her skills she could pull from Sif's knowledge in times of stress.

As Sora regained her strength and come to be upon her feet again, Frigga and she spent much time together, nearly 18 hours a day to exchange information. Frigga taught her the Northman language in the same manner as her mother had taught her the same and Senator Bodaus had taught her Latin, which was their common language. Sora took to this form of teaching very well. By the time that Ragnar's ships were seen upon the horizon, Sora was starting to communicate with the villagers and she was starting to be accepted more and more by the villagers that were taking the word of Odin's wife and representatives in the place of their Jarl. The intense learning sessions distracted Sora's mind enough that she didn't realize she was no longer tied to Benny.

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Re: Kattegatt: New Home, New Family, New Way - Viking's way
« Reply #6 on: January 02, 2018, 11:19:41 PM »
Frigga finally got Fen to sleep outside the drawn linens on Ragnar's bedding area when it came to loosening up the restrictions on Sora and her movements in the village. Frigga set up a fairly strict regiment of learning with Sora while Cyryl and Fen guarded them from a distance. Eat, training with the battle axes given to her by Ragnar, eat again, training with bow and arrow, eat again along with training on words of conversation and food. Frigga did not stop teaching Sora how to communicate with the people that she would count on and would soon learn to count on her. Frigga worked with
Athelstan to help Kattegatt understand that while Sora looked different from them, that did not mean she was not truly a Northman at heart.

Frigga, as she trained Sora, was training herself of the ways of the Kattegatt Northmen. Their culture was slightly different than her own, or at least what her mother and father had taught her. With rituals of the Kattegatt Vikings, Frigga's understanding of her own abilities grew, especially when it came to her elemental use as well as spell casting. She was able to work with Kattegatt's spiritualists to expand her few personal spells that didn't come from Valhalla, all of which were much more tasking on her energy.

Frigga spent the last hour of the days of training, working on her own training with a staff. She would have Sora watch as Sora rested after training. Four sunsets before the Festival, Frigga was practicing with Cyryl using staffs, when  announcement howl was heard through the darkening sky. Frigga stopped completely, turning her eyes in the direction of the howl, the breeze whipping through her loose hairs that had escaped her braids during training. Cyryl, thinking to teach Frigga not to divert her attention, continued with a final swing attempting to knock her on her noggin, failed miserably as her left hand, the unoccupied one snapped up to catch it. Her eyes narrowed in the direction of the water, not turning toward Cyryl,
"The howl speaks of an approach... Valkyr." Her words were spoken quietly, a bit more maturely than she normally spoke around the villagers. She shoved Cyryl's staff away and motioned her hand toward Sora, to come up and take it. The pair were nearly the same size and next to each other, they looked like complete opposites in coloring, but similar enough that those that didn't know either would guess them related. Her stance was resolute and her focus was very notable. While she looked similar to the young girl Ragnar and his people met in Rome, she had definitely grown, nearing the age of womanhood, being in the presence of Odin and in Valhalla suited her in more ways than one.
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Re: Kattegatt: New Home, New Family, New Way - Viking's way
« Reply #7 on: January 02, 2018, 11:21:09 PM »
Within the days of training and bringing an understanding between the Jarl's claimed wife and mother of his new future, Sora began to blossom within her new role, in the new community, slowly moving her mind away from the home sickness she was feeling without Benny there to center her. Her training sessions with the weapons were always with Frigga as any of the males that struck might not have pulled their punches enough to make sure the twin boys within her were safe. It, of course, wouldn't have been intentionally done, as all were loyal to their Jarl, but practice wasn't really seen as practice.

Sora attempted to go on a hunt a few times, but in her condition and with the protections she had around her, this was denied without Ragnar's personal say-so. This both disappointed and upset Sora, which usually, at least at first, made her a bit more clumsy in her training. Sora trained well and many of the villagers realized that Sora wasn't just a weak female of the Roman Empire, of Rome's way. As she gained command of the language, rather quickly thanks to her time with Tofi, who she still didn't know  was alive, the villagers seemed to accept her a bit more, a few of the women started speaking with her and offering to help take care of her. The men however were still a bit more stand-offish, not knowing just what trouble or spell this sorceress had done to capture the mind of their Jarl.

She had grown accustomed to Cyryl and Fen, though she knew not there were four others guarding Kattegatt as well. They were kept in the shadows, being fed by Fen and Cyryl when the village was asleep. She mostly ignored the howls of Fen as he ran the perimeter of the village, but four nights before the festival, the howl was different. She had been sitting down listening and trying to completely understand the women who were telling her about Cyryl and Frigga's sparring. The howl made her stiffen up, the sound reverberating within her womb nearly as powerful as the howl was made. She looked at the women as they suddenly stopped and moved toward Frigga, taking her hand when bade. She moved with Frigga to the dock as she sent a couple of the boys to go off and find Athelstan as he seemed to be Ragnar's representative in his stead. Standing and waiting to see what was afoot on the water, Sora had Frigga's hand in one and the bow made for her in the other, with her hand battle axes on her hips. Her hand with the bow in it came out as Fen came up to her on the other side to motion Fen to lay down and watch as he returned in dire wolf form.

Sora's coffer, which was hidden in a secret chamber in her room back at the mansion, was given to Ragnar. Her dowry was her mother's jewels and clothing plus two-thirds of her father's fortune minus the mansion and lands, those were left to Benny with one-third of the riches. The fact that the demon had eliminated most of the men in Baetica and the fact that the Valkyrie were ordered to take Ragnar and his people home, extra troops were not with them. But there would be another form of troops soon to come out of the Iberian Peninsula. This would in turn upset Sora as she had promised to fuel Ragnar's army with men of her own and part of her promise was not able to be fulfilled.

Sora's face showed anticipation as they waited to find out what Fen was on about. It wasn't until they knew what was happening and the cheering started, that Sora slowly moved toward the dock's edge, behind Athelstan, beside Frigga, and with Fen and Cyryl trailing. Leaning from side to side at first, then placing her hand on Athelstan's arm so he would step to the side far enough to let her see around him, Sora waited to see the man who sent her north with the Lady of the North, the man she'd promised herself to, and those who were supposed to be with him. She wondered if he would still accept her... She wondered of her future after the children within her were born. But she also wondered just how bad the battle was and how they were back so quickly.... Was this good news or bad news?
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Re: Kattegatt: New Home, New Family, New Way - Viking's way
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During the day, Fen was never too far, but he did work with the four hidden young Fallen in training to guard the village within the Kattegatt region that Ragnar called his own and the woman he'd given his seed. While many were well within their right to be afraid of the Fallen posing as a dire wolf, they were starting to warm up to him a little bit. He brought them meat from a few hunts he went on, he brought them security at night, and he warned them of approaching boats, even for trade, and most times it was very obvious.

He was surprisingly gentle with the children, or at least surprising to the villagers. Fen was a terrific guard dog and even so much so as the approaching long boats were rounding the bend after being dropped off from his cousins at arms, he warned the region of Kattegatt with a howl of return. It caught the attention of all who could hear it. At the end of such a long howl, he rushed to the side of the one he'd promised he would guard for his uncle. It was only those aboard the longboats that knew he could take the form of a man, other than Athelstan, Cyryl and Sora; truly Frigga as well, if she bothered to recall her vision while in Rome of the dire wolf. They all kept quiet about the secret as they had a great understanding of the intense issues that would have occurred should the entire village find out without Ragnar being present. Though Fen and Cyryl could vouch to all that Ragnar was the son of Odin if anyone questioned it.

Fen also was happy to see the boats returning as he was praying that he would be allowed to court and marry Hilly. Unfortunately the wolf poser was not as astute with women as he was at being a guardian. Hilly wasn't interested in him, though the one she was interested in, was forbidden. She was considered Ragnar's sister... baby sister, by both Ragnar and the village. With finding that she was truly a seer and could connect with her lineage to be given visions and information for her Jarl, it would be highly unlikely that Ragnar would just let anyone be her husband. One seen to be connected to the Nnorns was a treasure not to be squandered, mistreated or tossed aside.

His wolf nose touched Sora's hand and he let off a soft howling whine before he took up to Sora's side waiting. He almost growled at Athelstan as he came up since the boys went to get him. The village cheered to see their Jarl's ships returning. "It is Ragnar." Athelstan spoke to the women beside him quietly in Latin before he moved toward the docks were Ragnar's boats would tie off, to greet his former master. The long voyage - Rome's way - was finally over.
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