What is the SDA?


The SDA is a free-form role-playing organization that has been around since late 1998. It was originally formed on MSN, at a time where the chat service there was free, in a little chat room called the “Inn des Vampyre”. Yes… it did exist, and chat was free at some point in time!! The SDA was around when other clans the likes of WoD, GVN, KM, BoB, AoA, AEC, GD, and DETH were known. However, the SDA also managed to witness the demise of each one of those clans, as well as many other realms. Yet, we still puttered on.

The SDA continued to role-play within our room, as well as other chat-rooms such as “Eternal Sadness”, “Castle Romanov” and “The Blood Room”. It was then that MSN chats began to be overrun with role-players who did not agree with the ideas of the free-form role-player. “Zones” started appearing, where characters could not be killed, or even attacked without the permission of a Manager. It seemed that these newer role-players did not like the idea of creative freedom. They wanted a place where their characters could wander without the threat of confrontation. They were looking for a utopia, and we all know how fun a utopia could really be… boring.

Free-form role-players began to trickle away from chat, some growing tired of the new types of role-play being played. While others had an attack of real life, causing their free time to dissipate and resulting in them not being able to role-play any longer. Yet in some groups, and in some chats, one could still find the occasional free-form role-player. Though many role-players spoke of “bringing the good ole day’s back”… no claim panned out. It seemed most of these role-players preferred to complain than to do anything about it.

Those role-players who called the SDA home, remained with the SDA, role-playing exclusively on our community message boards since the final closing of our chat room in 2002. Now, in 2006, with MSN finally getting rid of their chat service altogether, it was decided that we should move on up to a real website. With MSN’s removal of chat rooms from groups, it could only be a matter of time before groups started to be messed with.

And now, the SDA calls The World of Role-Play home, a hub of free-form role playing on the internet, where creative freedom reigns. To everyone who has stuck with the SDA and come with us this far, THANK YOU!! The SDA would be nothing with you guys! I’m positive those who are reading this know who you are. So, cheers, and here’s to another 9 years!!!


- Amon Malefice (Krisper)