-Vampyric Families-

The vampyric families of Adrpht Mahorela center around its oldest living member. There are two major vampyric families within the role play, these are the Malefic Vampires, and the Dagonite Vampires.

Below you will find brief description of these vampires, as well as a short listing of its bloodline. For a more detailed description of each bloodlines attributes, please refer to the "Character Races" section.


The Malefic Vampire bloodline is currently traced back to its oldest living ancestor, Amon Malefice. Amon has kept her vampyric descendants to only a select few, her only childer being Pan Malefice, and Calida Kull. However, other Malefic vampires do exist, sired by vampires that were more ancient than even Amon. These ancient creators are no longer in existence, or so it is said. And the origin of these other Malefic vampires are a mystery.


Dagonite Vampires are still traced back to it’s recently deceased ancient Patriarch, Lazarus Dagon. Lazarus only had one childer, by the name of Azizzah Sekhmet. Azizzah currently has two childer, Jurjen and Danielle. As with the Malefic Vampires, there are other Dagonite Vampires in existence, however their sires are no longer in existence.


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