The Realm of Sheoul

The Realm of Sheoul has been called many things throughout time, including Hell and Hades, just to name a couple. However, this Sheoul is not the home of the torture of the deceased, much as the mainstream religions of today claim. Instead, Sheoul is the home to a great and powerful family of demons, reigned over by a man named Memnoch. It is from Sheoul that all demons come from, though they themselves may not realize it or remember their own origins. Sheoul itself seems to be an entity all it’s own, forever changing its layout and surroundings according to the moods of the most powerful creature there.

One can only reach Sheoul if one is of Sheoulian blood, and then that is also only if they can find the portal. This portal into Sheoul is deep within the basements of Cnila Coronzon, located in a maze of passageways and corridors. Even if one were to find this portal, if anyone not of Sheoulian blood were to try to enter Sheoul, they would die upon entering the portal, burnt to an unrecognizable pile of ashes. The only way one not of Sheoulian blood may enter is if they are accompanied by one that is of Sheoulian blood