This role play contains ADULT themes, scenes, and topics. If you are under the age of 18, DO NOT go any further. If anyone in this role play is found to be underage, you WILL be BANNED without warning! Read this fully before applying to join.


Are you 18? Wanna RP and be part of our RP group? First read our...


Ladies and gentlemen
Welcome to the disclaimer
That's right, the disclaimer

This American apple pie institution
Known as parental discretion
Will cleanse any sense of innuendo or sarcasm
From the words you are about to read that might actually make you think
And will also insult your intelligence at the same time

So protect your family.
This site contains explicit depictions
Of things which are real.
These real things are commonly known as life.
So, if it sounds sarcastic, don't take it seriously.
If it sounds dangerous,
Do not try this at home or at all.
And if it offends you, just don't listen to it.



The previous is largely taken from The Offspring, changed just the slightest bit.

Now, onto the part of the Disclaimer that is, believe it or not, completely and totally original!!

The character profiles and role play you are about to view on this site are purely the creation of their.... creators. So DON'T STEAL THEM!!

If any of the creators find you have stolen them, do not be surprised if you find them at the foot of your bed one night with a cleaver, a large mallet, and a large, unknown, frightening creature growling and drooling all over you, your bed, and floor.... Or on a more threatening note, a law suit.

Now, the pictures that you will find in this community are largely pictures that we have collected off of the net at various places. The pictures are used WITHOUT permission, however we claim no ownership over these images and have only put them here because we are too lazy to wish to go find them again. We also happen to know that there are many, many people out there like us that wouldn't want to search meticulously for them as well, so they are placed here for the benefit of humanity as a whole. Really! We're just a group of humanitarians!!

However, just to confuse you, mixed in with some of these pages are original artwork created by us. One example is the graphic at the top of this page. I, Krisper, made that, don't steal it. If you find an image, that looks like it is specially created for this website, but may not be so sure about it... simply DON'T USE IT!

Now onto another warning.

Back to the mention of character profiles. If you happen to find yourself reading them, I warn you that there may and probably are instances of things you may find disturbing. Such as the eating of babies by homicidal vampires. Or perhaps the good old succubus seducing the respected preacher and tearing his still beating heart out only to shove it down his throat? So that exactly may not be in it but you get the idea.

Also... any similarity in this community to real people or events is entirely unintentional and purely a coincidence.

So actually, I think that's about it. Head these warnings and I'm sure everything will be just fine and dandy. Remember... the light at the end of the tunnel... is usually an oncoming train.

Thank you and enjoy.




Still want to be part of this community?

Apply to the forum to show your interest, otherwise there's no other damn way for us to know!

IF you are approved, post a short character profile on the Character Profiles Board. It doesn't have to be long... remember, you can go back and add to it any time. IF YOU DON'T POST YOUR PROFILE WITHIN A WEEK, YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT NOTICE!!!

Once your profile is up, your character must be approved (So that it's not super-powerful or anything). REMEMBER... YOUR CHARACTER MUST BE ABLE TO DIE!!! Once that is done, one of the managers (Krisper or Dizzy) will speak with you on what kind of RP you wish to do and where you wish to RP. YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO INTO AN ALREADY EXISTING STORYLINE IF YOU DON'T WANT TO! You can start your own too! All we ask is that your RESPECT the RP that has already taken place!

Once all that is done and good, all that's left is for you to have fun Role Playing!!