Current Happenings

- Current Happenings in the SDA -

Note: I don't know if it's just me, or if it's just my delusions that are making me see something like this, but it appears that our RP is growing to be a bit stagnant and possibly stale. No offense to the muns, I LOVE the sl's and RP that goes on here. No matter how fast-paced or slow it is (Yes, I know, the slowness is my fault. I sorry!) However, to continue on, I feel that it's about time I stirred the pot a little, so to speak. The Assistant Managers and I have come up with a SL that is going to take place throughout our little RP world. This SL will affect EVERY CHARACTER in the community, regardless of what little faction of characters you are with, or what kind of character you have. Please read the information below to get the scoop on what's going to happen, or what's already happening. Thankies! ^_^ -Kris

RP: The End of the World as We Know It

-=The Rise of the Fall=-

It's all going on right now, have you been reading and picking up the hints? (When the muns have time to post -.-) The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are being brought forth, just waiting for the word to unleash their wrath. The Old Gods are unsettled, a war is brewing and about to boil over. The vampire line is full of selfish delinquents, vampires that don't know about their past, those who create fledgling children, only to abandon them.... as well as those "thinning the blood". How much longer can that last? There is a great power stirring, intent on bringing an entire empire down. Just wait and see.


What happens where?
(Note: Some characters will be listed twice, denoting their possible paths they can fit into. It's up to you where you put them. Other characters are not listed at all. This is due either to inactivity, or just myself not knowing enough information about them to denote where they could go. Those characters are listed at the end.)


- Antagonists - The Four Horsemen (Metztli-Famine, Grave-Pestilence, Grendel-War, Desyte- Death/AntiChrist)
- Mortals all but wiped out
- In need of "mortal" characters that will survive in a small stronghold
- Also in need of some willing to sacrifice their "mortal" chars for the storyline
- Other creatures fit in this category as well (Witches, Werewolves, Muses, etc.)

Mortals to be Affected 

Dwight, Leluminai, Simoriah, Teasaidh, Zmue, Lucian, Z-Lords and Diggers (?), Ecnal, Envie, Dorian, Kaiden, Chastity, Furie, FaithHope, Ciara, Hades, Reklaw, Pashon, Atropos, Kaliko, Mordred, Yelhsa 


- Antagonist - Desyte
- Desyte invades, takes over (In need of loyalists to Desyte when time arises, NPC accounts denoting many characters are ok)
- Massive death throughout Sheoulian Factions
- HellSpawns take hold as protector of surviving Sheoulian Line who will wind up in hiding (In need of more HellSpawn as well)

Those Affected

Desteria, Memnoch, Dizzy, Lance, Pan, Lucian, Agonee, Aiden, Cassandra, Dispair/Mnemosyne, Deacon, Drake, Gulthjan, Spitti, Biohazard, Envie, Arzulge, Calida, Agemf, Gabriel, Chastity, Furie, Rozetta, Opiate, Ramirez, Lil Ram, FaithHope, Mezzanein, Koral, Ciara, Desyte, Devaki, Grendel, Lyzrd, Skyzrd, RaWr, Pashon, Allysia, Noelani, Kaliko, Extasy, Lukas, Grave, Micheal, Arzulge

Elysian Fields

- Antagonists
- The Titans
- Old Roman Gods, evolved to change with modern times (Gabriel-Zeus, Micheal-Ares, Memnoch- Hades)
- Titans that were believed to be "sealed away" break free and attack Elysian Fields, succeed (Ophelia, Pandora, Norie, Arzulge - Poseidon)
- No "God" can kill a "Titan", and likewise, no "Titan" has the power to kill a "God"
- Only being who holds this power is a Mainesthai, and only due to power in Malefice line
- Hence why Memnoch is an outcast, as he started the line
- Titans trying to find the Malefice with the power, only to find out too late
- More Titan's and Gods welcomed, but not needed (Please research old Roman Myths before attempting to play one! Or consult Kris)

Those Affected

Dispair/Mnemosyne, Deacon, Ecnal, Envie, Arzulge, Gabriel, Chastity, Furie, Ophelia, FaithHope, Mezzanien, Pandora, Hiram, Ciara, Micheal, Norie, Reklaw, Pashon 


- Antagonist
- The First
- Due to the scientific experiments going on in Area 6 (thinning of the blood into a serum that can turn normal people into a daywalker vampire, first vampire will awaken to wipe out all vampire race.
- The First wipes out most all vampires, save a few (In need of a few people willing to sacrifice vampire characters.)
- Won't wipe out all vamps, already got in mind who's going to be able to stop him

Vampires Affected

Moros, Flavius, Spitti, Danielle, Azizzah, Jurjen, Demetrius, Alcibiades, Gulthjan, Calida, Metztli, Noelani, Lachesis, Brock, Sabriel, Criss, Jayce, Dizzy, Malakai  

How it will all go down?

First, it will all start with Titans attacking the Elysian Fields and the battles going on there. This is when Desyte sees a sign to send out the Four Horsemen, who consequently reek havoc on the mortal world. During all this, Desyte attacks Sheoul and takes over. Whole lots of bunches of deaths there. The HellSpawn factions manage to help the remaining members of the Sheoulian/Malefice line escape out into real world, which is still being torn to shreds by Four Horsemen. The only thing they can do now is run for their lives. The "Gods" by now have been kicked out of the Elysian Fields and wind up in the same place as remaining the HellSpawn, Sheoulians and Malefice.... all they can do now is hide out.

Those of Vampire Blood will be attacked by The First, who will rise just about the same time as the Four Horsemen and Desyte begin to take action. Those of strictly Vampire Blood, and those that are half blood are at his mercy, regardless of mortal line. This means ALL VAMPIRES.

I'm not going to line out the precise storyline, as that will make it no fun. But here's just a heads up of what's going to go on because I need EVERYONE'S participation with this.

-=The Aftermath=-

After this sl is all played out, the old Roman Gods will once again be put into place. Zues will be Zues, Ares will be Ares (if they are still around). It will still be modern, though modern/primitive, considering how modern can it can be after the Four Horsemen are through wiping out almost all of humanity? A small faction of humans will survive, somewhere. Same as Vampires, though they will be very short on food and may wind up treating the remaining humans as cattle that they have to breed to survive. Who knows? Sheoul, Tartarus, and the Elysian Fields will no longer be as we know it, and may take a very long time to get back to what we would call "normal".

The Malefice Family will suffer great loss as well, though will by no means be wiped out. If anyone wants to sacrifice one of their Malefice characters for the SL then your more than welcome, just get in contact with me.

-=Then What?=-

New characters will be welcomed and encouraged! Especially if your one of the ones who sacrificed a few of your characters! Get some new thoughts flowing, some new blood in it all! It'll be the same basic RP we have, yet... different... o.O

Just a note: There is still going to be events going on that will lead up to the Apocalypse. It's NOT going to start tomorrow! So you got time to think about what you want to do! If you have any questions/comments/threats... please direct them to Krisper. Or the direct them at the other AssMan's who will then in turn, direct them at Krisper. Also, PLEASE, if you wish to have one of your characters perish in the battles, tell Kris!!! I'd like to know who sacrificed who! Thank you again!

Characters/Accounts Unsure of Where to Put or if Wishing to Take Part - Apythee, Blazed, Seven, Sophy, Somnium Infecter, Sins of the Flesh, Princess Andora Whisper, Rumors, Fallen, The Vampiress, Aysel, Adrianna Tz, Allessio Rinaldi, Aralina, Charles, Damian, Detrevni, EtakyRam, Jade Derden, Toxic Wonderland, Vah, King Alucada, Kira, Touch of Darkness, Trent, Guilty by Design.