Character Races

-Character Races-

There are many different beings played throughout Adrpht Mahorela. This page details all beings and races that exist in the SDA role-play. Click on the links below to read detailed information. Many of the races listed were not created by us, but already exist in real myth and folklore, though we may have tweaked a few of them a bit to fit our RP.

- - Titans
- - Angels
- - Malefice
- - Sheoulian Demons
- - Fallen Angels
- - Vampires
- - Vampyric Angels
- - Humans
- - Werewolves
- - Shadow Hollows
- - Ghosts

If there are ever any changes, and we decide later that a certain race or being can be used in the SDA, we will make an announcement to let everyone know.

Can you create new races of your own choosing and play them as characters in the SDA? Yes and no. If you wish to do this, your race must be approved by the SDA creators. PM your race idea to the Administrators on the forum. Characters played avidly as a race other than those listed above must have information written about them and placed in the public view of all other players! A seperate page will not be created for your race unless other players also decide to create a character that is of your race.