anguis Divus Akin


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Imagine yourself in a world where all of your nightmares are realities. A world not very unlike your own, filled with bustling cities and small towns, corrupt governments, the mundane torment of daily work, as well as family feuds and soap-opera-like dramas. But imagine this typical world with a dark underbelly, a place where creatures the likes of vampires and demons stalk the living. A world that some have called the underworld, while others have called it a subculture, not really knowing what it truly is they are talking about.

Now, imagine that this dark world of demons, vampires, mutated humans and werewolves were about to boil over into the “normal” world. The underbelly of our normal world has spiraled out of control, these creatures weaving a web that those who created it can no longer control. Beings more powerful than the world has ever known are now threatening not only the world they claim as home, but our world as well.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have been summoned, threatening all mortal life upon this earth.

The very first vampire has awoken, brought forth by the thinning of the blood at the hands of government experiments, intent on extinguishing all of his descendants whether they be deserving or not.

The stories of Greek Mythology that so many had thought to be myth are proving to be more real than anyone could of ever imagined, the Titans threatening to regain their control over the living.

The world seems to have no chance any longer… it is an all out Apocalypse of gigantic proportions. Will anyone, or anything survive?