What is Nevereskaya?


-What is The Empire of Nevereskaya?-

The Empire of Nevereskaya is an online Freeform Role-Playing organization that is fantasy and historical based. It is a place where others who share the interest and passion of role-playing, come together to create fascinating storylines and adventures by interacting in a fictional world with fictional characters that each member creates.

Nevereskaya is open to anyone who would like to join (assuming they follow our OOC - out of character rules). We are open to seasoned role-players, as well as those of you who may have never role-played before.

-Overview of the Community-


You can join the community in two different ways. One is just bringing in a character of your creation, as long as it fits Nevereskaya's time and setting. However, please remember that we do NOT adhere to any published fantasy works (i.e. D&D, V:tM, WoW). As such, if you bring in a character that adheres to these rules (such has having a D&D or V:tM character sheet), we at Nevereskaya will ignore these points and merely interact with your character as a race. This means your Toreador Vampire will JUST be a vampire without regard to any special attributes. The second way is creating a character specifically for Nevereskaya.

If you choose to create a character specifically for Nevereskaya, you will find on the "Clans and Families" page different houses that you may base your character as being a part of. It is NOT a requirement that your character be from a noble house. If you do choose to create a character that is a member of a noble house, we do ask that you stick with the brief description of that house. I do not want anything altered and later there will be more detailed descriptions put up. Please see our "Creating a Character" thread for steps on creating a character for Nevereskaya. The character you create MUST be posted and approved by the Staff at Nevereskaya. You can do so by placing your request on the "Character Profile" board. Please note that at anytime you are not able to fulfill your commitment to the character that is from Those of Noble Blood, we reserve the right to take over that character once you are gone. Please understand that we do this in order to keep the family tree going. You may have more than one character but do not have too many, these characters have to be active as well.


For those of you wishing to add a character profile, you may do so by posting your character profile on our "Character Profile" board. If your character was not created for Nevereskaya, please use the template below to give us a brief description of your character. You are not restricted to only providing this information, and may add anything additional you feel is relevant to your character.

Full Name:
True Age:
Apparent Age(if applicable):
Powers & Special Abilities(if applicable):
Empire (if applicable):
Title/Rank (if applicable):
Family (if applicable):

About & History:

Add whatever you like here that is vital to your character's background history and personality.

All posted profiles can be viewed on the "Meet the Characters" page. We urge for you to provide us with a profile so that others may know about your character.


Many of us use real life people, such as actors, actresses, models, etc, as our character as well as fantasy art. In an effort to prevent conflict the "Character Claim List" was added so that newcomers will know what real life person is in use for what character. Upon joining, if you use a real life person, it is asked that you post it there.


Our chatroom setting is that of the Nevsky Palace, in the City of Kalinin. Please read the page dedicated to this setting to know more about Nevereskaya. We will try to keep the room open as much as possible, but understand that it is impossible for it to always be open. The Empire of Nevereskaya will be using Oasiz as our chat service. If you wish to open Nevereskaya's chat, feel free to do so, but please follow the guidelines below (Please note that you may change the weather if you'd like).

Room Name: -Empire of Nevereskaya-
Category: Role Play
Chat Topic: [16th Century Fantasy/Russian-like Setting/All races welcome] Nevsky Palace in the City of Kalinin. Time of day: Early Evening [Heavy Snow, 13°]
Welcome Message: Welcome to Nevsky Palace. For important RP & Storyline information, please see our State of Affairs: http://www.theworldofroleplay.com/eonmain.html
Language: English


Here at Nevereskaya, we also offer Board Role-Play in addition to Chat Role-Play. No one is required to participate in both Chat and Board RP, but if one wishes to, please remember that both are a VALID form of RP. As such, events that happen to your character in the Chat Room MUST be carried over to the Boards, and vice versa.

Most of our boards are individual houses within the Empire, but you are not limited to just these settings. If you wish a board to be added, please post a request in our "General Help" Board.


The good thing about this community is that it wasn't meant to be fast pace but if it gets that way, it is fine. We created this because we enjoy good RP and didn't have all the time in the world to dedicate to it so we do it as we have time. However, we will do a routine member activity check every two months to rid ourselves of those spot warmers that join and are never active in any regards. Upon finding any, they will be removed from the community but at any time that they wish to be active they may join back. However, if it is something within your real life that is preventing you from being active just say you have real life issues, or at least something to that sort. We certainly do understand that, it will be noted, and you can remain within the community.


Under NO circumstance are there to be an OOC fight. We WILL NOT tolerate slander or bashing of people. If there is an issue it can be discussed in a MATURE fashion! There is never a need for childish words or tactics. If we see any of this, we do not care who you are, or what part you have played in this community, you will be banned and stay that way. If someone in particular is giving you a hard time then let us know and we will see to it. We are adults here and respect is to be shown.

**This page will be added to as things are thought of**