The Armory


In times of absolute darkness, let these blades; the twelf stars of Nevereskaya, swords of your sovereign rule, be your guide to freedom and light."
-Alexii Zucharov on the coronation of the twelf counts

As the great war for freedom drew to a close, and the borders of Nevereskaya became firmly established - Alexii Zucharov ordered the crafting of twelf magical blades from the hands of house Zhufbar. The dwarfs, resilient to magic and necromancy in a far greater extent than any mortal man, or even the elves, were however great craftsmen to harness the winds of magic into inanimate objects.

Their runesmiths, ancient and powerful, set about crafting these 'twelf stars of Nevereskaya' for each of the victorious warlords. The skills and characteristics of their houses symbolised into their respective blades. So it was that no two blade was the same in appearance nor it's powers and effects. To ensure that the weapons would never be used against their owners, their magical properties only work when wielded by one who shares the ancestory bloodline of it's first owner. After the creation of the twelf blades, the dwarfs also set about crafting a thirteenth blade, a gift to the noble leader of Nevereskaya as a gift to his efforts and unyielding prowess. They named it Vastok - Star of the East the most powerful and potent of all the blades, which was lost with the disappearance of Alexii Zucharov.

Below you will find a summary of the twelf blades and the missing blade Vastok, along with a listing of it's inate powers.

Pravda - Blade of Retribution
Pravda belongs to house Nevsky. It is a longsword with a handle long enough to be yielded with both two hands or one. It is ironic that the blade of the future ruling house is the least adorned of all, though it is no less lethal than it's eleven counterparts. It is made of reinforced silver of which the dwarfs refuse to give away it's secret to create. Indeed, there are no runes on it and would quickly be overlooked as an ordinary yet well crafted weapon. It is however called the blade of Retribution for good reason, for it is a vengeful and unforgiving weapon - giving it's wielder the power to cut through even the strongest of armor with little or no effort. When drawn it sings it's steely song in a foreboding almost angered way, a sign that no enemy of house Nevsky will survive against it.
Raynur - The Roar of the Wind
Raynur is the heirloom blade of house Azov. A truly magnificent weapon made from thin alloys of mithril, silver and an ore unknown to man, this combination giving it a white golden hue. It's name is appropriate, for when used it seems as biting and fell as the wind. Swift, powerful and elusive; Raynor gives it's wielder uncanny fighting speed usually leaving it's opponent with biting cuts he will not remember receiving. When swung it does not ring out like steel usually would, but instead it seems to howl like the wind does through the cracks and chrevasses of the Tanguska mountains, sending a less determined foe running back in retreat.
Sovrenus - The Blade of Awe

In the founding years of Nevereskaya, house Cherkess was already known for it's great skills in leadership, charm and seduction, as well as their fierce way of fighting. For a time it was questionable if the dwarfs would agree to forging a blade for house Cherkess, both house Zhufbar and house Cherkess being greatly suspicious of one another. Yet Ungrim Ironfist, the great runelord wished for Nevereskaya to enjoy times of peace and understanding. So it was that he used all his skill and knowledge in forging Sovrenus - the blade of Awe. It's pommel and hilt are adorned with many precious gems and metals, and the blade itself has vicious teeth alligned along it's edges making it on itself a deadly weapon. It gives it's wielder an imperious aura of power and rulership, leaving it's opponents to either tremble in fear or lower their guard in awe. A single cut from this weapon has been known to send it's victim, no matter how determined, begging to surrender.

Few stories or known feats have been recorded on this blade, though it is a source of great pride to house Cherkess, who believe it to be the most potent of all the blades.

Agon - The Fireblade

Agon - the Fireblade is a far less subtle blade than it's counterparts. When used in battle it seems to ignite into sprakling flame. It harnasses the fierce temperament of house Ramius and those who are struck by it often suffer terrible burning wounds. The undead in particular are easy victim to it's licking flames as they are oft incinerated by but the slightest of cuts.

Agon was lost when Yaroslav Ramius fell in an attempt to conquer the castle of Hell Fen. It was later again found on the banks of a lake in Yvaan forest, around it the many burnt corpses of Orcs. How it got there or who of house Ramius wielded it there no one knows.

Kahmul - The Unyielding

Kamuhl the unforgiving has been wielded in many battles during it's existance. And Necromancers especially have come to fear it. During the siege of Erengrad in the year 1230, a single necromancer lord was even set out to destroy the blade. Though failing, it seemed the blade itself has been wounded and overcome by the dark powers used on it. It's steel has rusted, and where the hilt once was bright and splendid it now looks worn by time and decay. Nevertheless Kamuhl the unyielding still is a potent blade whose power extends that of it's wielder. Anyone who fights along it will be filled with a steely and unwavering determination to crush the foes of Nevereskaya and house Kislev.

Linuald'hir - Woodwind

Though none will deny that the skill of the dwarves in weaponscraft is great, on the work of Linuald'hir or 'Woodwind' the elven lord Tyrion Ta'hal himself oversaw and assisted with it's creation. It is a beautiful weapon matching elven grace and speed. It has never been seen out of the province of Shen'Halla, but during the rare occassions when enemies of house Valkursk Mar'dal dare to trespass it's borders, they are always found by Linuald'hir. Somehow the blade seems to sense the presence of malign forces, and it's golden engravings glow as they come nearer, only to be suddenly struck down by this swift and silent blade.

It was with the aid of Linuald'hir that the rogue warlord Karugin the Betrayer was tracked down and killed by the Shen'Halla forestguards.

Mortoseth - The Bladelance

For house Markalov a blade was fashioned which would be deadly both on foot and horseback. It is a four edged blade which, at the command of it's wielder, can grow into an eight foot lance to dismount or inpale it's opponents. It seems to be absolutely weightless, making it easy and swift to handle in either of it's forms. Moroseth has been an unpleasant surprise for any enemy knight who dares to challenge it's wielder.

The dark knight Gryar, who ran rampant across the Krasnyj steppes finally lost his life during single handed combat with Yuri Markalov in the year 1381.

Luciandar - Song of hope

House Shostakovich, creators of many wonders and beauty, were naturally presented with a blade which matched their skills in the art. Luciandar is a longsword with seemingly no special abilities in hand to hand combat. But when drawn it sings a clear and radiant song which rings out over the entire battlefield, inspiring hope, strength and determination into even the most hard pressed of armies.

Countess Ariana Shostakovich carried the day with Luciandar when she rallied her troops inspiringly to make a renewed and ultimately victorious charge into the ranks of an undead horde.

Spirit of Yvaan

The spirit of Yvaan is a sword much smaller and slimmer than it's counterparts. It is finely crafted, stately yet it would seem but a humble blade compared to it's eleven brethren. This is not surprising, for Yvaan's spirit, named after Yvaan Borlik - founder of house Borlik, was but a humble man. Yet humble though he was he always fought with great fierceness and loyalty to his men and the Empire. Yvaan's spirit is appropriately named so, for it seems to sense any attacks made on the person carrying it, and often knows to parry such attacks without any effort from it's wielder. It is difficult indeed to strike down he who carries this fine weapon.

Ghal Madraz - The Grudgebearer

Though the dwarfs themselves are not particularly fond of swords, instead preferring heavier weapons such as axes and hammers, they did not wish to stand apart from the remaining houses. And so, for themselves they created Ghal Madraz, the grudgebearer. It is a temperamentful blade which is impossibly heavy for any mortal man to pick up, yet for a dwarf it would seem but a feather. Much like the dwarfs, who carry an immortal hatred for all creatures of the shadow, this blade too seems unyielding when confronted by Orcs, goblins or products of Foulcraft. It seeks out it's victim's weakest point, and upon striking many small shards of metal will portrude from it, leaving vicious and fatal wounds.

Bjerug - The Scourn of Shadow

House Borodin and house Zhufbar have always lived under very amicable terms, and a great friendship existed between Ungrim Ironfist and Yuri Borodin, first count of house Borodin. Ungrim was well aware that Yuri had earned the title of 'the enlightened' and was already busy creating many libraries in his new province and home. So it was as a well intended pun that he created Bjerug the scourn of shadow. For Bjerug became a blade of utter brilliance and radiance. One which when drawn, would blind it's opponents making them easy victim to it's keen steel. Yuri received the blade welcomingly and as a sign of his gratitude he named the main library of Yljina after Ungrim.

Havik - The Falconblade

Though beautiful and well crafted, the eye would never betray the true nature of Havik, heirloom blade of house Tupolev. It is a two handed sword which measures well over four feet. The mithril steel is crafted in such a fashion however that the blade can be thrown at any foe with uncanny accuracy, only to again return to it's owner like a trained falcon. It is an odd weapon yes, but oddities are always highly praised by the members of house Tupolev.