State of Affairs

-State of Affairs-

The Empire of Nevereskaya is currently in a state of great duress. The Czar Maxim Nevsky has gone missing, the only trace of his presence being that of a lone, bloodied soldier who returned to the Czarina with information of a dreadful attack. The lone soldier had been of the Czar's regimen, and had been the only member of that regimen to return. Currently, Darian Le'Go Azov, the Czarina's cousin and Captain of the Nevsky Guard has ventured out upon request of the Czarina to search for traces of the Czar, hopefully alive.

The Czarina, Ekaterina Nevsky, has not been seen since Darian's departure, over a month ago. It is rumored that she has locked herself in her private chambers, distraught at the loss of her husband. With the disappearance of the Czar, as well as the absense of the Czarina, rumor has abound within the city of Kalinin. Upon the whispers are rumors of treachery at the hands of Ekaterina's uncle, Averski Azov, as it has always been rumored that the Azov family is treacherous and selfish in their ways. It is also rumored that the Czar, as well as the Czarina are dead, with Ekaterina having starved herself within her chambers from heartbreak.

What is the true fate of the Czar and Czarina?

Those who venture, and live within the Nevsky Palace are at a loss.

UPDATE: A notice has just recently been received by Darian Le'Go Azov from the Czarina Ekaterina, delivered by her personal messenger who passed on shortly after. It read as follows:

"My dearest cousin,

If you are receiving this, it is too late for me. It is imperative that you return to Kalinin as soon as you can. Latskaia's life may be in grave danger. You MUST not let him seize the throne.

I am with you, always...


Darian and his party, accompanied by famed horseman Coris Markalov, and Aquilina Kislev are rushing back to Kalinin as quickly as they can, praying to the Gods it is not too late.