Setting, Etc.


The Empire of Nevereskaya is set in a medieval/fantasy time frame. As such, please adhere to this time-frame. Modern technology does not exist in our role-play, so please keep this in mind. The Empire of Nevereskaya is in a land which is akin to the Russian landscape. The climate of Nevereskaya ranges from temperate to extremely cold, and large parts of the land are mainly windswept steppes, desolate mountains or treacherous pine forests.

Our chat role-play takes place within Nevsky Palace, within the City of Kalinin. It is a grand building mainly built out of marble and amber, with gold roofing's. It's surrounding towers, known as the Amber Spires, look out over the better part of the city, and the beautiful frescoes and gargoyles depict the many Gods, heroes and saints of Nevereskaya.

Nevsky Palace stands at the center of the city, and around the palace and Nevsky square stand many other buildings of import, houses of the nobility and wealthy merchantmen as well as the barracks for the royal guards. This 'inner circle' of the city is surrounded by a manmade canal and in times of war the bridges to the city center can be raised to protect the palace from invaders.

Nevsky Palace truly is an magnificent building in every way. On the outside the use of amber and marble have given the palace a strange white green hue which shimmers beautifully in the moonlight, as at days the gold roofing's shine magnificently. The interior too is worthy of mentioning; it's hallways filled with the most amazing works of art. The many ballrooms, bedrooms and the throne room itself clearly show the Empire's wealth and glory.