Royal Army

-Nevereskaya Royal Army-


"Na rodnoi zyemlye nye byvat' vragu. Kto pridyot budyet na smyert' bit!"
"In our native land no enemy shall remain. He who marches against us shall meet his death!"
- Transcript on the gates of the Nevereskaya Academy of war in Kalinin -

It was realized, from the very beginning of Nevereskaya when Alexii Zucharov and his twelve warlords rid the lands of the Bellepheron armies, that an army no matter how well equipped, will be no match for a determined opponent. For without morale and discipline, an army was nothing but a collection of men with weapons. And this collection of men, was easily swept aside by the rebels lead by Alexii Zucharov.

So it was that the first steps towards the creation of the Imperial Academy of war were taken. Alexii Zucharov himself ordered the collection of all literature on the art of war, as well as collecting accurate accounts on history's battles. It was not however until the second Czar, Alexander Nevsky, that the construction of the actual academy had begun.

Once finished it would be the largest building in all of Nevereskaya, boasting extensive training grounds, classes and armories. Various disciplines are taught, ranging from command and leadership, to ballistics and battlefield medicine. Attendants would also learn how to shield themselves as best as possible against the destructive properties of Necromancy.

Over time, many regiments where created to protect the borders of Nevereskaya from enemies both within and without. Some of the most infamous regiments are listed below, along with their individual, distinctive properties and heroic feats.

-The Imperial Great Swords-

The Great Sword is a highly praised weapon within Nevereskaya. Though pondersome in it's use and speed, it can inflict tremendous amounts of damage to any enemy. The Imperial Great Swords are one of the oldest regiments within the Nevereskayan army, and have won renown at the battle of three lakes when cutting down a Necromancer riding a fel Hydra.

-The Nevsky Huzzars-

The personal guards of house Nevsky and the Imperial palace. The Nevsky Huzzars are highly trained men with the crossbow to hail death upon their enemies from afar. When coming into close contact with their foes however they quickly switch to swords and shields to join in the fray. The Nevsky Huzzars are also capable for fighting on horseback, and in this way they cut down the shambling hordes of the necromancer Shiliach Na'dul.

-The Markolov Horsemen-

The Markolov horsemen, or winged lancers, are a very easily recognizable regiment for the feathered adorations upon their helmets, which serve to both impress their enemy as well as show the rank and skill of every member of this regiment. The Markolov Horsemen carry extraordinary long lances to unseat enemy knights and horsemen from a save distance. Carrying only light armor on horses without barding they move about quickly to attack the enemy at their choosing. The Markolov horsemen ended the long siege of Ylnjia when assisting house Bodorin in their war with a dark elf host.

-The Frolovo Bombardiers-

A truly unique regiment in it's own right. It uses some of the latest innovations by house Tupolev, which are mainly black powder weapons such as repeater pistols and long guns. Some detachments of this regiment also include heavier weapons such as siege cannons, mortars and bombards. The bombards brought ruin to the refuge of a much feared, and still sought for Necromancer Xaljin II.

-The Shen'halla Forest Guards-

The Shen'halla forest guards, a regiment open only to the elves of Nevereskaya, are specialized in the use of the bow and short sword, and as their name would imply, they move through woods without any difficulty. The forest guards are feared trackers, both deadly and silent, and hunted down Karugin the betrayer after he assassinated Czar Nikholai Nevsky.

-Saint Alexander Cavaliers-

Heavily armored, highly trained and extremely devout, the saint Alexander Cavaliers are without a doubt the deadliest regiment within all of Nevereskaya. They are highly selective of whom enters their inner circle, and often operate independently from standing armies. The Saint Alexander Cavaliers saved the day after a host of Bellepheron troops invaded Nevereskaya, pushing as far inland as to reach Churminsk.

It is thanks to these, and many other regiments to which many a free citizen of Nevereskaya owe their lives. Forever shall these troops remain vigilant for those who seek to conquer the riches of Nevereskaya.


-The Ranks of the Neverskayan Imperial Army-

General - None
Polkovnik - (Colonel) - None
Podpolkovnik - (Lieutenant Colonel) - Coris te'Har Markalov
Captain - None
Lieutenant - None
Praporshchik (Warrant Officer) - None
Starshina - (Sergeant) - None
Efreitor - (Private) - None