Ranks and Positions

Nevereskaya is a vast land, and ever since it's creation it's leaders have always seen the importance of having a clear and well functioning hierarchy in all fields of import.

Both science and the arts are avidly pursued to bring a sense of belonging and nationhood to the people of Nevereskaya, and the Empire indeed is regarded as one of the most cultural and advanced nations of the planet. In order to maintain this position schools have been erected all over the land to teach and enlighten the people.

As beautiful and distinct art and advanced knowledge brings wealth, so to rises the need to protect such riches. The Nevereskayan army is not only impressive in size and equipment, but it is a requirement for anyone desiring to hold a rank of command, to follow teachings at the Imperial Academy of war housed within Kalinin. Receiving such teachings has ensured the Imperial army to be both highly professional and enjoy a good morale.

Armies alone do not protect nations however, this was fully realized ever since the creation of Nevereskaya, having broken away from an Empire which was almost infused with the arts of necromancy and sorcery. Icewind school, teaches those who are naturally apt in the workings of the wind of magic to perfect their skills and use them effectively in battle.

All of this could however not been accomplished if it weren't for a strong government to regulate all these affairs. Taxmen collect the monthly tributes to the Empire. Administrative clerks keep close records of all important affairs while priests and scholars lend their services to the public. The counts and countesses in turn pay tributes to the Czar and Czarina with both troops, funds and resources.

Below you will find all the available positions and ranks in these many fields, and the duties that come with them.

-The Czar and Czarina-

The Czar and Czarina are the rulers of all of Nevereskaya. They have the final word in the council and appoint positions within the hierarchy of Nevereskaya. Usually the Czarina is the voice of the people abroad, serving as an ambassador while the Czar concerns himself with domestic affairs. This however has not always been the case in the Nevsky dynasty.

Current Czar and Czarina: Maxim and Ekaterina Nevsky

Czarina Elect: Latskaia Vhe'da Azov

-Of Counts and Countesses-

The twelve provinces of Nevereskaya are ruled by their individual counts and countesses. These are hereditary titles, but whenever a count dies without heirs or betrays the Empire the Czar and Czarina can appoint another family to rule over the province. It is the divine task of any Count or Countess to pay monthly homage to the Empire offering both troops, resources and funds. Aside from this counts are allowed to govern the lands as they see fit, as long as they obey the laws of the Empire as a whole. This has caused for certain provinces to have more strict laws than others. All counts are members of the Imperial council.

Count & Countess of House Nevsky - None
Count & Countess of House Borlik - None
Count & Countess of House Ramius - Countess Karina Ramius
Count & Countess of House Shostakovich - None
Count & Countess of House Cherkess - None
Count & Countess of House Valkursk Mar'dal - None
Count & Countess of House Azov - Count Averski Azov
Count & Countess of House Tupolev - None
Count & Countess of House Kislev - None
Count & Countess of House Zhufbar - None
Count & Countess of House Markalov - None
Count & Countess of House Borodin - None

-The Archbishop of Nevereskaya-

One of the most influential men within all of Nevereskaya is the Archbishop. He is the head of Church and carries a strong voice in both the council and amongst the public. More often than not he offers wisdom in both the history of Nevereskaya and legal proceedings. It is therefore not uncommon for the Archbishop to preside over court trials which concern the common interest of Nevereskaya.

Current Archbishop: Ivan Grigorovitch Kislev

-The Supreme Patriarch of Nevereskaya-

The Supreme Patriarch is the head of all matters Arcane. He oversees the progress of the Icewind college and it's studies, as well as offer the council advice upon all matters concerning magic. Nevereskaya itself is mainly a cold, windswept land. The freezing winters are said to be infused with magic, and so more often than not the Supreme Patriarch is an Icemage.

Current Supreme Patriarch: Nickolas Borlik

-The Imperial Scribe-

Nevereskaya is a land which promotes advances in the fields of science and art. The Imperial Scribe monitors all the various schools within the Empire and is also responsible for managing Tormuz Imperial library. The grand library of Nevereskaya which boasts a great collection of books on a wide variety of matters. The Scribe also issues out Imperial decrees and offers the council advice on matters which might leave room for doubt.

Current Imperial Scribe: None

-Sheriffs, Magistrates, Guards, Bailiffs and Inquisitors -

Empires as large as Nevereskaya would be in a constant state of anarchy if it where not for Sheriffs and inquisitors to hold the peace. The Sheriffs see to it that in every city and province criminals are brought to justice in front of the local houses of court. Inquisitors have a slightly different function, for they investigate and hunt down enemies of the state as well as followers of Necromantic magic, which is highly forbidden within Nevereskaya. Both usually have a retinue of guards to assist them.

No known officials

-Craftsmen, Ladies in Waiting and Other Functions -

Many jobs, though as important as the ones listed above, often don't receive public acclaim or have any place within the ruling hierarchy. Nevertheless craftsmen are always needed to produce various items of import to the functioning of the Empire, and often a representative will be chosen amongst them to speak onto the court. With so many people visiting the courts on a daily basis, it is important for both the Czarina and Czar to have ample of assistance within the court. The ladies in waiting, servants and lackeys all see to it that the demands made by the Czar, Czarina and their visitors are met.