Nevsky Palace and the City of Kalinin

  -The City of Kalinin-

Kalinin History

Kalinin, or the Amber City, was founded in the Bellepheron Imperial year of 3145 when Gal'rah Necromancers discovered the site to hold high amounts of Amber stone along with other mineral deposits. Amber being one of the prime ingredients for Gal'rah spellcraft, along with the fact that the site was located at the coast of the Kuibyeshev sea, moreover having access to the deep, inland running river Stalna; Kalinin quickly grew into a port of commerce for the Bellepheron Empire. In that time the city was still known as Garbor'tol.

As the settlement grew into a town, the town into a city, the local Bellepheron officials where faced with increased difficulty to work the docks of Garbor'tol as well as the Amber mines. It was then decided that the tribesmen of Nevereska would be used as slave laborers for the needs of the Bellepheron Empire.

The war fought against the tribesmen was short-lived, the people defended themselves bravely, but in having neither magic nor powerful weapons they soon were overwhelmed by the Gal'rah and forced to work the docks and mines of Garbor'tol. The remainder of the Nevereskaya tribesmen sold into slavery for the more wealthy of Bellepheron.

The reach of Bellepheron had however exceeded it's grasp, for Garbor'tol lay far away from the Bellepheron capitol of Strabhara, and the Emperor of Bellepheron of that time was a meek man, taking more pleasure in luxuries and random executions of high dignitaries than actual ruling. The Tribesmen of Nevereskaya felt this directly when the lord of Garbor'tol had fallen in disfavor with the Emperor, withholding him additional troops to garrison the city almost in a childish fashion.

So it was the Garbor'tol was the first city to fall during the insurrection of the people of Nevereskaya. The city was laid siege to by a grand army lead by the warlord Alexander Nevsky, and the natives to Garbor'tol themselves overthrew the local governor in a short but bloody insurrection. Most of the city was destroyed when the remaining troops of the Empire of Bellepheron pulled out. This however, did nothing to dishearten the people of Nevereskaya, for most of the buildings held ill memories.

As the revolution was well under way, and city after city fell out of control from the Empire of Bellepheron; the citizens of Nevereskaya set themselves to work straight away to rebuild their own destiny and heritage, and Kalinin became a grand city of beautiful architecture and wealth.

The city as it is now

As the insurrection drew to a close, and both the Empire of Bellepheron and the fledgling empire of Nevereskaya licked their wounds, Kalinin was already well under way to become a testimony of it's people's determination and pride. Indeed, within the span of only a few years Kalinin had grown from a city in ruin to a true Imperial capitol in all respects.

One of the first buildings to be finished was the Imperial Palace of Nevereskaya, later also known as Nevsky palace. It is a grand building mainly built out of marble and amber, with gold roofing's. It's surrounding towers, known as the Amber Spires, look out over the better part of the city, and the beautiful frescoes and gargoyles depict the many Gods, heroes and saints of Nevereskaya.

Nevsky Palace stands at the center of the city, and around the palace and Nevsky square stand many other buildings of import, houses of the nobility and wealthy merchantmen as well as the barracks for the royal guards. This 'inner circle' of the city is surrounded by a manmade canal and in times of war the bridges to the city center can be raised to protect the palace from invaders.

Another truly magnificent building is the Cathedral of the Goddess Shina. This is the main ceremonial church of Nevereskaya, where all royal weddings and inaugurations take place. It's dome is the largest roof bearing structure in the known world and within it are many beautiful works of art. Shina Cathedral is open for all those who seek enlightenment, solitude or sanctuary and often in times of great trouble the common people of Kalinin gather here to offer prayers to the Gods of Nevereskaya.

The largest building, not only in Kalinin, but in all of Nevereskaya is the Imperial Academy of war. It's design is altogether different from most other buildings, for it's design is rather Spartan, more practical than resplendid. From the academy however hang many banners with Imperial Heraldry as well as the many different banners of the Imperial Regiments. Within the inner courtyard of the academy stands a large statue of the founder and patron saint of the Academy; saint Alexii Zucharov.

These three buildings are the most dominant structures in Kalinin, but there are many more churches, museums and other works of art all worthy of mentioning. It is however not only these grand buildings that catch the eye of visitors to Kalinin. The Kalinin navalyards are truly immense, and many shipwrights oversee the construction and maintenance of the proud Nevereskayan navy.

However, like so many grand cities, there are also dark places of shadow where the poor and unwanted strive for survival. And Kalinin being built upon the ruins of a city of Nevereskaya, some of these places are of ill repute. Within the deep bowels of the city sewers and slums one can still find ruined parts of these buildings, pagan temples, ancient cemeteries and other dark buildings which most would avoid.

To some however, these places are a place of gathering. Outcasts, miscreants and pursuers of the dark arts come here to sow the seed of unrest and practice their blasphemous ways. It is for this reason that at night none are allowed to venture the streets of Kalinin, so the Inquisitors and Witch Hunters may hunt down these practitioners of the dark arts without obstruction.

As there are enemies within, so there are enemies without, and all of Kalinin is surrounded by a thick wall with many sentry towers to keep the people save. There are only three gates, and the river Romarov which provide entrance to the city, all of which are closely guarded.

-The Land

- Of Nevsky Palace itself-

As said before, Nevsky Palace truly is an magnificent building in every way. On the outside the use of amber and marble have given the palace a strange white green hue which shimmers beautifully in the moonlight, as at days the gold roofing's shine magnificently. The interior too is worthy of mentioning; it's hallways filled with the most amazing works of art. The many ballrooms, bedrooms and the throne room itself clearly show the Empire's wealth and glory.