Nevereskaya's People

-Nevereskaya's People-

The Empire of Nevereskaya is filled with people of all different races - elven, dwarf, human, fae, vampire, and so on and so forth. Within our Role-Play, we hold no race restrictions, as long as you adhere to our decision not to follow any pre-established fantasy works (i.e. D&D, V:tM, WoW, etc.) As such, if you bring in a character that adheres to these rules (such has having a D&D or V:tM character sheet), we at Nevereskaya will ignore these points and merely interact with your character as a race. This means your Toreador Vampire will JUST be a vampire without regard to any special attributes.

Additionally, the Empire of Nevereskaya is home to twelve houses of Noble Blood. The Houses are:

House Nevsky
House Borlik
House Ramius
House Shostakovich
House Cherkess
House Valkursk Mar'dal
House Azov
House Tupolev
House Kislev
House Zhufbar
House Markalov
House Borodin

Please see the "Clans & Families" page for more information about the individual Houses.