Nevereskayan Gods

-Nevereskayan Gods-

The Great Truths:
Perun the Avenger: 
He was chosen to be the leader of the Great Truths. He is pictured as a man with white hair and beard that was normally put into a single ponytail. His eyes blazed in white fire whose flames stretched out into eternity. Glad in light armor his favorite weapon was a war hammer, and bow, and he always carried an oaken shield that was blessed to be stronger than any metal. On the shield would be his symbol, the great Eagle, Vanitix. Vanitix would at many times be his messenger, and warrior. His bow was made of pure magic that shot razor sharp beams of light. His cloak is composed of thunder clouds and lighting that lashes out to strike his enemies. 
Perun is the embodiment of Righteousness, whose sworn enemy is Dukljan the fallen who Perun is always at war with. In the Beginning he was the first child of the Holy Parents, and the most valiant that withstood Dukljan’s tempting to follow him. His only downfall is his forgiving heart. He loved all his brothers and sisters and is known to take them under his wing, even when he knew they would turn against him. When that happens though he would become like the eagle Vanitix, and hunt down his enemies until they see the error of their fallen ways. Perun will not spare the pure evil; those who he knows are past redemption. He would fight, kill, and if the Holy One’s decreed it die for the good of his brethren.
He is known to be the patron god of those who embark on holy wars, soldiers, and Czars. He has a special place in his heart for the righteous warrior, who fights for a better promise, and a greater cause then themselves. Those who need protections against the dark arts or against their enemies would receive his aid, as long as their goals were righteous. He has also been known to come to the aid of those who seek righteous justice against something dark, or painful that happened to them because of another person. Knowing the failures of leadership himself, he aids those who lead others to be better leaders then he himself.
His symbols were the oak, and Vanitix.
His sign is made by making a cross in the air, with a line underneath the cross bar.
Jarilo the Runner:
Second in command of the Great truths. He is one of the two who are not human in appearance. Jarilo has the body of a black stallion, and the torso of a dark skinned man, and is believed to the great grandfather of the Kralvoma. He wears no clothing save for one shoulder guard on his right side which has a strap that goes across his chest, and behind to hold it in place. On his back is he wields a long two handed broad sword made of pure silver. He is normally depicted as holding a spear tipped in gold in his right hand, and the full moon in his left. His long dark hair sways behind him creating the night sky as he rides across the Heavens guarding the night from the Great Beast.
Jarilo is the embodiment of Honor, and the enemy of Veles the Trickster. He was a close friend with Perun, and loved his brother greatly. When Perun shouted his defiance against Dukljan Jarilo ran behind his brother to attack the Beast. Jarilo is strong and stalwart in all his beliefs and dealings with man.  His love for the Kralvoma is strong and he can be seen at times, if the person is worthy, to run amongst them. He is always standing guard over the night when the beasts of darkness come out to hunt the living. In the Second Great War Azdaja led a massive frontal assault against the Beast and Truths that left them completely exhausted. When it came time to rest Perun had left his good friend in charge of securing the perimeter. When all the others were asleep Azdaja led one finally frontal assault against the Gods, and bound them in their sleep leaving Jarilo to battle the Chastiser alone. It was in that battle that the Great Beast broke the Line of the Gods and drove straight into heaven’s gate. It was then that Jarilo swore to always protect the night, to atone for his failure.
Jarilo is the patron God of the Kralvoma, horsemen, night guards, Travelers, and the Markalov. Since the Kralvoma had taken such a shine to the Markalov horsemen Jarilo would protect their riders. It is he that makes sure that the Kralvoma find their mortal to bond with.  He takes such joy seeing man and beast ride together as one unit. Jarilo seeks out those who have blood on their hands that they wish to atone for, and leads them on the path where they will find their peace. 
Jarilo’s symbols are the Kralvoma, and the full moon.
His sign is made using two fingers on the left hand to make a circle, and the right hand to draw to vertical lines through the center of the circle.<