Nevereskayan Beliefs

-Nevereskayan Origination Belief-

Life did not begin here; this is but one step in a path that was forged long before time. In the days before days we all, every one of us existed with the Holy Parents. Our spirits lived in this plane of existence that is only known to us now as the Pre-mortal world. It was Heaven, it is Heaven, but it was not the Heaven we were destined for. This was our First Estate.
Our Spirits existed with the Holy Parents and they were the parentage of our spirits, the force that makes us “us”. It is the energy that developed our individuality, and the source of our very lives. In that world before worlds we lived much as we do now, but in harmony, and innocence. We were not able to progress, we could not become like our parents who had bodies of flesh and blood, we could not have children, and dictate our own future, and create a future for our children.
The Holy Mother and Holy Father wanted more for their young as all parents who love their children. They wanted them to have all things that they have, and know all true joy as they know. Their children, us, could only know so much in that innocent state without a body; we could never become and have such a fullness of joy as our parents unless we were tempered like a blade as they once were.
The Holy Ones called a meeting, a great counsel of all the sons and daughters of the Divine. There we all came together to hear of the great plan, the plan of redemption, of salvation, and progression. It was decreed that a world should be made. One where the spirit children of Heaven could come and take ownership of their own tabernacles of flesh and blood, learn to control that form, and progress one more step to their divine potential. In this plan we shall be given agency, the choice to forge our own paths in life, be that to follow the divine will of our Godly parentage, or that of destruction and damnation.  In that we could truly be free, in that we could truly know good and evil, in that we could truly learn how to be a God as was our destiny to those who sailed the tides of Earth Life, and sailed them true.
Not all though agreed to this plan. One stood up amongst many and declared that he, and he alone knew how to bring us all back. That there would be no failure. There would be no damnation. All would become exalted, but he and only he knew this plan of false redemption. So the Glory must go to him and him alone. Under his plan there would be no Agency, mortal kind would be objects to be acted upon, and controlled so they could only choose what he chose them to have, and do. Freedom would be an illusion of a deranged mind, and redemption false and hollow, but all would return. His name was Dukljan the Fallen, for truly that was his state, fallen, and many agreed with him, and many fell with him.
The Holy Mother and Father did not want to take the chance of losing any of their children, but they knew that a life with no choice at all, and no consequence was no life at all. Also without consequence then the whole experiment would be not, Fire was needed to forge a divine being out of a mortal, and those fires must burn the hottest. Trials, tribulations, temptations, all tests that the Earth Life would bring would be necessary to make a man a divine being. Though they would have loved to agree to that plan, they could not for their children’s futures’ sake. 
They knew what the consequences would be if they chose not to follow Dukljan’s plan. He would rise up Hell and Earth to fight against his brothers. He would cause for all kinds of sorrow and temptation to befall his brethren in the hopes of throwing them from the divine path. Even this though the Holy Parents knew must happen. How can their children know good if there was no evil? How could they know joy if they felt no sorrow, or pleasure if there was no pain? There must be opposition in all things, that would be the only way their children to truly learn to become Gods. They must be forged in opposition to know the good in the world. Too the Holy Ones sorrow they chose not to listen to Dukljan, instead they let him fall. For they knew that through his fall, and those who followed him, they would be able to aid their children, because the Great Beast would give them the opposition in life that their soon to be mortal children will need to experience.
So Dukljan took the spirits that followed him and rebelled against Heaven. They wanted the blessings of Divinity, but they did not want to do the necessary work for it, or take the chance of failure. In Heaven was the first war, a war over our very right to chose for ourselves, a right to have free agency. 
So Dukljan and those that fought on his side were cast out of heaven into the empty void, but not before he swore in his wrath to take away mortals agency. He would fight against the creation of the Gods, he would rise up devils, and demons, and evil, and darkness of all kinds to destroy his own brothers and sisters. He had fallen, he would make sure to make as many of the righteous fall with him.
Rise up devils and demons he did. Dukljan looked amongst all the spirits that followed him to find seven generals, seven great evils to aid him in destroying the hope of mortals. He found his kin, those with like hearts and minds; Veles the Trickster, Cernobog the Devourer, Marowit the Nightmare , Berstuk the Hunter, Chort the Destroyer, Bauk the Watcher, Azdaja the Chastiser of Heaven and Great Betrayer.  They became the Great Beasts. All our brothers, all our greatest enemies. 
They existed as spirits, but because they were spirits they remembered all things that happened in the Pre- Mortal World, and their power was great, not bound by the laws of earth life. The Great Beasts did not have bodies of flesh and bone, so even though their power was great they were limited to only tempting mortal kind, and then once they had them in their grasp devour their souls. A devoured soul would forever be a slave to that Beast that took them, never able to progress or find peace again. 
Until one day the Chastiser of Heaven, Azdaja, met a human who knew how to weave the mana of death. This human was Oruzhie, the first Necromancer. Azdaja and Oruzhie quickly became allies, as Azdaja promised the human his power, in exchange for a body of flesh and bone so he could cross over the veil and be the Greatest of all the Great Beasts. Oruzhie was power hungry so quickly agreed, and the Great Betrayer gave him all his power to accomplish this task.
With their combined efforts they were able to forge a puppet body that the devil could enter and control. It though was not like normal bodies because Azdaja filled it with every ounce of his hate and anger at the heavens, and even his jealousy of Dukljan. His body was no mere puppet of flesh and blood, it became the first dragon. With that came great power, and great delusion.
The two made a pact, Oruzhie would forever have the power of Azdaja if he but only created bodies for the other Great Beasts, but they could not be as powerful as his. Oruzhie agreed.
When Azdaja greeted his brethren in his new and fresh body they were astonished, and envious. Long had they wished for a body, long have they wanted a taste of mortal pleasures. He agreed to help them attain a tabernacle of clay if they but only support his rule over them, and throw down Dukljan. They all agreed, except for Veles. Veles was always cunning and he told Azdaja that he agreed, but inside he plotted. He told Dukljan about Azdaja’s scheme, but only after he had attained a body of his own, which was the body of a great bear. 
Dukljan was drunk in his wrath as he set all his power and might upon Azdaja and cursed him. The Great Betrayer would never know peace again, he would forever be drunk with the hunger for more power, and it would be his downfall. Dukljan withstood him and the battle shattered the southern continent which sank deep in the depths of the ocean. Dukljan saw that with the might of Azdaja’s body combined with his power as a Great Beast Dukljan could not overtake the Dragon so he fled.
The Fallen Lord turned his attention elsewhere to exact his revenge. In secret he met with Oruzhie and consorted with him. Oruzhie’s power in the dark arts was only matched by his ambition, and Dukljan knew this oh so well so he sent Veles to meet with him and the necromancer. Oruzhie was tricked into giving up his own body to Dukljan in exchange for immortality. He received immortality, but as a slave unable to control his own body or destiny anymore.
Having at his disposal the most powerful Necromancers body ,who also poscessed all the power of Azdaja because of the pact Oruzhie and the dragon made, Dukljan assaulted Azdaja once more. The battle at this time turned in Dukljan’s favor, and Azdaja fled from the battle into the distant stars to find the Great Truths.
The Holy Parents watched on at the dealings of their fallen children and their hearts were grieved. Their young world and their children’s hope for a better future were at stake. Alas they could do nothing. At the beginning they had enforced laws which they would have to obey to not directly affect what was happening on Earth. Leaving their sons and daughters complete freedom to create their own destinies without interference from heaven.  They had to do something though so they created the Great Truths.
The Great truths were seven of their most valiant children and gave them God like powers, and temporary bodies. They would have all the powers they would need to protect their brothers and sisters on the mortal world as they did in the life before life. The Temporary bodies would be equal in power to the abominations that the Great Beasts had created through dark man’s magic, but they would not be as free as mortal bodies to control. The Great Truths could do nothing save they were ordered by the Holy Parents, they became the lesser Gods. Their names were; Perun the Avenger, Jarilo the Rider, Simargl the Crusader, the Goddess Mokosh the Mage, the Goddess Milda the Rose, the Goddess Morana the Cold, and the Sorrowful God the wise.
While they were watching the storm that befell the Great Beasts their hearts dropped. They knew that soon would be the time when they would have to raise up the sword. It was then that Azdaja came before Perun the leader of the Great Truths. Perun was always forgiving and quickly took in Azdaja and sheltered him from Dukljan and the over Beasts. Though he knew that it would not last, darkness could not have place within light. They were always holding a shield over their heart, while they waited for the knife in the back.
The Knife came. After a time Azdaja ran back to Dukljan and begged his forgiveness, but Dukljan could not forgive him, because he never knew forgiveness. The Fallen Lord was about to strike the final blow against Azdaja when the Great Betrayer swore an oath that if Dukljan would let him keep his body then he would take him and the other Beasts to the Great Truths. He reluctantly agreed with Azdaja, and the Second Great War began.
It went on as most wars do, and their battles were infinite and eternal, and rage to this day. That though is not the important part of this tale.
Adzaja was more cleaver than the other Gods gave him credit for. He had planned this all down to every detail with Oruzhie. Only Oruzhie was not expecting to be betrayed and used as a sacrifice. It was Adzaja who leaked his whereabouts to Dukljan, and he knew that Dukljan would enlist the help of his lap dog Veles. The Great Betrayer used the chaos that he had created in the Second Great War to gain power and followers on earth. His followers took the name Oruzhie after the fallen great Necromancer, and in honor of their master’s prowess. He waited until the time was right, and then he waged war against heaven and hell. 
The Great Beasts and the Great Truths struggled to keep the one devil at bay. The power he gained through his follower’s necromancy was great, and challenged their every fiber. The two forces had to reluctantly join against this Great Betrayal. This Chastiser of Heaven would soon be pounding at heavens doors.
The war looked close to an end when Adzaja fought his way to Heavens gates, but there he was faced by the Holy Parents. In their Sorrow they used their combined might to imprison their son, and drain him of his power. They did not have the heart to kill their own child. They created a prison for him on the earth, hidden from all people. Only Perun and the other Great Truths knew where the Tomb of Adzaja was for fear of him being released. As was foretold by the Three.
The Three were created by the Great Truths to aid men to find their paths. They were Seers, and mystics able to see into the future. Their names were Alkonost, Gamayun, and Sirin. Half bird, half woman. The future was like an ever changing tide, every action changed the future, and its outcome. The Three were able to foresee these changes, and no matter what changed they all agree one day Adzaja would be released.
Adzaja would destroy the Heavens and the Hells.