-Frequently Asked Questions-


Q: Can I join as many characters as I want to play?

A: Yes. You can play as many characters that you want, but just be sure that you can keep up with all of them. Character and screen names left in hiatus for long periods may be subject to deletion, or storyline manipulation.

Q: I need to be away for a while due to RL (real life) reasons and I will not be able to role-play for the time being. Do I need to tell someone?

A: No. You are not required to tell anyone that you will be away, but please be sure to tie up loose ends in all storylines that your character(s) are involved in, before leaving. No one will be blamed for what does or does not happen to your characters and storylines if you are not there to tend to them. Just keep in mind others around you. No one wants to be left hanging in a storyline.

Q: Can I start role-playing before I get my character profile up?

A: Yes, but you will be limited to 2 weeks from the date you join to post your profile.

***More to come as they are asked***