Clans and Families

“Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!"

-Alexii Zucharov


After the Great War for freedom against the Empire of Bellepheron, the great Alexii Zucharov handed his twelve warlords with twelve magical blades as a testimony to their fight for the liberty of Nevereskaya. In turn he divided Nevereskaya into twelve provinces, with each of his warlords becoming the count of one of these provinces. He himself was crowned Czar of all of Nevereskaya and ruled the lands for ten years, before disappearing near Mount Koesjva.

Below you will find the names of the twelve noble houses of Nevereskaya, the province they rule and a brief introduction into their history and heritage.

-House Nevsky-

Currently house Nevsky is the ruling house of Nevereskaya. After the disappearance of Zucharov, it was his most trusted warlord, Alexander Nevsky who ascended the throne by popular consent of the people. Only during the Amber War did another house occupy the throne of Nevereskaya. Aside from being rulers of all of Nevereskaya, they also lay down the law in the province of Karansk, where the capitol of Kalinin is located.

-House Borlik-

House Borlik is one of the most ancient and religious houses of the twelve noble families. Their line of descendents dates back to before the time of strive, when the armies of Bellepheron invaded the feudal and divided lands of Nevereskaya. It was due to the heroic feats of Yvaan Borlik, the humble shoemaker's son that the house earned a place amongst the ruling counts. House Borlik rules over the province of Balasjov, its capitol Lebedin is the oldest city in all of Nevereskaya.

-House Ramius-

The house of dragons, the Ramius family is a proud one, famous for its vigor and determination during battles. House Ramius rules over one of the more inhospitable parts of Nevereskaya still filled with creatures that to some are only part of legend. Vladimir Ramius ruled all of Nevereskaya during the Amber war when having lead a short-lived insurrection against house Nevsky. The feud and visions of distrust has never quite abated between the two families. Glazov Vizinga is the province of house Ramius. Its capitol is the fortress city of Ramiski.

-House Shostakovich-

Nowhere else in Nevereskaya are the arts pursued by such a passion as in the province of Mordvia, its leading city Ekaterinburg without a doubt being one of the most wondrous cities on the planet in terms of splendor and architecture. Many of the even less important buildings have gold roofing’s, and their spiraling towers are made of the purest marble.

-House Cherkess-

House Cherkess is a house viewed with suspicion and mistrust by most other noble houses. Some of the Cherkess nobles have been known to study the forbidden arts of Necromancy in the past, and their province of Hyranion is pockmarked with abandoned villages and ill-rumored castles. The Cherkess family is infamous for having harsh laws, and is one of the few provinces where slavery still is a legal trade, one which is applauded in fact.

-House Valkursk Mar'dal-

Not all of the noble houses are of human descent, house Valkursk Mar'dal being one of them. The Valkursk Mar'dals are a strange offspring of the elves who migrated to the frozen steps of Shen'halla when man barely had grasped the concept of creating fire. The Valkursk Mar'dal family is a secluded family, who likes to keep to itself, and recognizes in Nevereskaya, an Empire which will secure their isolation.

-House Azov-

Cold, aloof and indifferent seem the best words to describe the Azov family, and they are highly mistrusted by the Nevsky family who feel they secretly covet the throne for themselves. It is true that the Azov family has always claimed direct descendancy from Alexii Zucharov, but as of yet they have never openly made attempts to gain the throne. They rule the province of Churminsk, its capitol Saint Alexiiburg is the birthplace of Alexii Zucharov.

-House Tupolev-

The Tupolevs are best described as an eccentric, if not amicable lot. They seem to care little about actually governing, and as such the province of Frolovo seems in a constant state of disarray. However, some of the most famous inventions have come from the Tupolevs. Strange inventions such as Mikhael Tupolev's macro-mainspring of multitudinous precipitation of pernicious lead, come from this family. The function and necessity of these machines often leave much room for debate. The Capitol of Irun has been known to experience great explosions more than once.

-House Kislev-

Of all the provinces of Nevereskaya, Kislev is undoubtedly the coldest and most desolate. Mount Bukhar on which the small town of Erengrad, court of Kislev is seated, is the highest mountain in all of Nevereskaya, and the Kislevites are famous for being able to handle right about any type of terrain. Too many others of the noble houses, the Kislevites are often viewed as barbarians who are best to be kept as a friend.

-House Zhufbar-

Another house that are not in fact human. The dwarves of House Zhufbar rule over the Zirnats mountains at the most southern borders of Nevereskaya. Though few of the other houses understand their ways, they are highly respected for keeping marauding hosts of Orcs, trolls and other even more dangerous creatures at bay. Still, house Zhufbar is becoming more and more pressed, and their people are diminishing in numbers and strength.

-House Markalov-

The famed Markalov horsemen can be found all over the Empire of Nevereskaya, and the people of the Krasnyj steppes almost seem to be born in the saddle, that is, if they actually needed one. The house of Markalov has a strong sense of tradition and carry a much stronger hatred for Necromancy or any other form of magic than all of the other provinces.

-House Borodin-

The last of the houses is the house Borodin. Their capitol of Yljina is also called the city of enlightenment, for boasting many colleges and libraries offering knowledge on a wide variety of subjects. The People of Yljina can be found in leading roles in most vocations, be it officers in either the army or navy, wealthy tradesmen, or skilled advisors.