Bellepheron Mythology

-Bellepheron Mythology-

The Bellepheron are tolerant of a number of religions, and do not outcast or punish anyone for an alternative religious view. However, the Bellepheron do have a rich mythology. A sample of their creation story is found below:

Long ago Father Heaven had two sons, Zengora and Faidath, Zengora became the lord of the upper world and Faidath became the lord of the lower world. At that time the earth was covered with water, there was no land. Zengora asked the loon to bring up mud from below the water to create land, he was not able to do so, and he was punished by having his legs broken so he could not walk, and the goldeneye duck was called next to bring up land. The duck created a small piece of land that Zengora was able to lay on. Faidath seeing that his brother had fallen asleep on the new land, tried to pull the land out from under him, but instead the land stretched out in all directions as he pulled it.

Next, Zengora created animals and humans out of mud and he spread them out to dry. He created the dog to keep watch over the bodies of the new humans while he was gone. Faidath, unhappy to see that his brother was creating humans, came to see the new bodies. The dog would not let him come close, at that time the dog could talk but had no fur. It was cold, and snowing, so Faidath tempted him, saying that if the dog allowed him to see the humans' bodies he would give him a beautiful fur coat. The dog agreed, and was given a shiny beautiful coat. Faidath then spat on the bodies so that humans would have diseases and not be immortal.

When Zengora returned he saw that the dog had fur and that the humans had been damaged, so he punished the dog by making his coat smelly, taking away his voice, and by making the dog follow humans in order to get its food.