Bellepheron Lands

-Bellepheron Lands-

Strabhara - The capital of the struggling Bellepheron Empire lays far South of the frigid lands of Nevereskaya. Vast open plains lead to sweltering jungles and swamps which are annually plagued by monsoons that last for months. The lands are dotted with various tribes and warlords struggling to gain control, and bring the ancient Empire back to the greatness it once was. Back to how the Empire was before the wretched warlord, Alexander Nevsky, massacred thousands of Bellepheron men and women and ran them out of their rightful lands in the North.

Lotstrova - Lotstrova is known to be the Red Light District of the Bellepheron Lands. It is a land of lawlessness and debauchery, where any forbidden pleasure can be bought or sold. People of all sorts, from politicians and holy men, to gypsies and thieves come here to fulfill their less savory cravings and urges.

Vorganen – Found in the far southern tip of Bellepheron lands, Vorganen is located within the sweltering heat of the swamplands that rim the vast Ofvleg Ocean. The sweltering heat and humidity have caused the residents of these lands to take on a much different lifestyle than some of their northern counterparts – frequently coating their faces and bare flesh with mud to keep the sun from burning them, and living in elevated huts to keep from residing within the swamp waters itself. One cannot reach the city of Vorganen without a canoe or raft. Worshiping the Gods of the Sun, and Death that always follows the heat, the people residing in these Lands have a respect for the lands that surround them that are unsurpassed by many.

Mebloarga – Mebloarga is located in the fertile, yet dangerous lands between the dense Votsek Forest and the Wlroga Jungles – on the cusp of the temperate and the rainforest. It is a land that is blessed with precious stones, trees, and animals – all of which can be used to extract the deadliest of poisons and the most powerful serums to be used in the Dark Arts. While the necessities for potion making and spell work can be found anywhere, it is within the lands of Mebloarga where the best ingredients are found.

Wokiafas – A thriving port town, Wokiafas is known by many to be the hub of the slave trade. Visitors from all lands afar come here to bid on and sell the best manpower the lands have to offer. It is a land of strict rules and regulation, lest the merchandise get any ideas about trying to vie for their own freedom.