Empire of Nevereskaya

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Noble traveler, wayward soul, intrepid explorer or being of destiny, we welcome you all to our home: The Great Empire of Nevereskaya.

We hope your journey was a safe one, for we know the dangers of our frozen lands all too well. Though the winds are treacherous, the mountains difficult to negotiate, and our forests dark and without end, you will find our cities and homes to be hospitable and accommodating to your needs.

It matters not if you are man, dwarf or elf for we welcome all. Be mindful however, that if your intent is ill, and if you are a being from beyond the divine light of our Gods you will find quick prosecution. For our resilience, in our endless struggle against Necromancy and the Undead is famous, and though some see it as a struggle without end, we will fight on to the marrow.


When reading the pages of this role play site, you will notice that we have created an extensive history, mythology and cultural background for this Empire. This is to serve role playing purposes. We all know of those days when role play seems to be consisting of little more than dark, ominous figures sipping their drinks, lurking in dark shadows while vampires bounce around in the rafters.

In creating such an extensive background, as well as leaving plenty of opportunities for members to fulfill a roll of importance within this role play Empire, we hope to create good role play with strong continuing storylines. Betrayal, death, love and treachery are all themes which are not shunned here. You are welcome to have your go at any form of storyline, be it pursuing wisdom or love, to planning a bloody revolution against the ruling house.

We only have few rules within this role play,  as we try to only attract the right sort of role players. Those who are descriptive, attentive to other role players, and are not daunted with attempting more difficult plots are welcomed here. For those who prefer to simply spend their time being the dark, invincible vampires who kill time drinking goblets of bloodwine, we'd ask for you to seek a home elsewhere unless you can make your role play go beyond the described stereotype.

Again our rules are few, there is no point in imposing them, for people should always do what they enjoy most in role-playing. But to find out what kind of role play goes on in here, you can take a look at our site to understand our codes of conduct and about our role play.